Saturday, October 16, 2010

Will "tomorrow" ever come???

This week the big story in the news was the miners in Chile who were trapped for weeks and weeks but survived and were successfully rescued. The story really is amazing, but it also made me think...
How many people are in a dark place just like those miners, except not physically, but emotionally, or spiritually. And sometimes even physically, just not in a mine.
There is a common saying that goes something like this, "there is always tomorrow", and another that says "things will work out fine tomorrow". But what do you do when it seems that "tomorrow" never comes?
I know that many people feel trapped and alone at this point in life. It's like you are 700 meters below the earth and no one can hear you. This 700 meters can be the problem in your home. Maybe you keep asking yourself when will things get better? Why do my parents always fight? Why can't I stop this bad habit? Why was I born into such a poor family? Why does no one love my? I can't even get a girlfriend/boyfriend! And so forth and so on.
It is very easy at that point to feel like, NO ONE in the world could possibly understand how you feel. Maybe you feel trapped, with no way to escape. Life is just too much and "tomorrow" isn't coming.
You are right, life is hard. And this tomorrow that people often talk about does seem to take too long to come. But what should you do? Learn a lesson from those miners. HOLD ON! Don't give up. As hard as it may seem to believe, you are not the only one going through this problem, and there actually are people who could understand you. And even if no one else can, God can understand everything you are going through. And even though sometimes it seems the rescue is taking too long, "tomorrow" will come if you just stretch out your hand toward Jesus and cry to Him for help. He is the capsule that will drop in the mine and lift you back up.
Faith is to keep believing things will change when there is absolutly no sign of change.
Hold on tight, your rescue capsule may just be on it's way!