Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I can't get my head around this...

This morning I was checking my emails and I stumbled across a story on yahoo about a woman who had a heart attack after eating a burger called a "double bypass" at a restaurant called The "HEART ATTACK" Grill, that has a sign on the front of the door saying "our food is bad for your health".

Now honestly, my heart (no pun intended) goes out to the women. I wish that on no one. But shouldn't you take a hint from the name of the restaurant, or if not that the name of the burger itself, and if not that, the warning sign on the door.

But my blog is not about this woman. May she recover quickly. But in life I find that this kind of thing happens many times. For example the cigarette packs in the picture above... It clearly says "smoking kills", yet does that stop people from burning up their money on them? No. It's like you are paying to kill yourself! That is ridiculous. And by the way, I am an ex-smoker so I have the right to speak on it.

I just think people need to think more. Don't just think about the pleasure that thing will give you, but think about the consequence. Think about how much that may cost you, and it may curve the desire for it.

I guess I am no one to force you to do anything. But you do have a choice. And in the case of cigarettes, if you don't want to listen..... you could always wait until you end up like this (below).

Monday, April 23, 2012

Food for thought...

I haven't blogged in over a week, because I was traveling and didn't have time to stop, but here is a quick inspirational thought.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Big Apple... Here I come.

So this coming week I will be visiting New York City, New Jersey and Philadelphia on a book tour and I will hold a bunch of assemblies at schools in these cities. Below is the schedule. But I will also be holding two events for the general public on Friday and Saturday. At the bottom you will see those events (at the bottom underneath them it is written in blue that they are for the general public). Hope to see you at one of the events.

SCHEDULE for next weeks NY, NJ & Philly Trip

Monday: April 16 - Brooklyn NY.

*School for Human Rights 8:30am

600 Kingston Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11203

*Bedford Stuyvesant Preparatory High School 10:30am832 Marcy Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11216

*Bushwich Community High School 1:00pm

231 Palmetto Street, Brooklyn, NY 11221

*Rachel Carson High School 2:30pm

521 West Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11224

Tuesday: April 17 - New Jersey

*East Side High School 8:30am

238 Van Buren St Newark, NJ 07105

*Shabazz High School 11:00am

80 Johnson Ave. Newark, NJ 07108

*Technology High School 1:30pm

*Barringer High School 3pm

90 Parker St Newark, NJ 07104

Wednesday: April 18 - Bronx

*Metropolitan High School 10:30am

1180 Rev. James A polite Ave. Bronx, NY 10459

*Peace and Diversity High School 12:15pm

1180 Rev. James A. Polite Ave. Bronx, NY 10459

*Bronx academy of health careers 1:45pm

Thursday: April 19 - Philadelphia

*Robert Vaux High School 9:00am

2300 West Master St. Philadelphia, PA 19121

*Overbrook High School 11:30am

5898 Lancaster Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19131

Friday: April 20 Brooklyn & New Jersey Vigil

*Foundations High School 9:30am

70 Tompkins Ave, Brooklyn, NY.

*Central High School 3:00pm

246 18th Ave. Newark, NJ 07102

*Newark YPG headquarters 10:00pm

‘Shoulda been dead night event’

(Event open for general public)

Saturday: April 21 Brooklyn Block Event 2pm

* Venue: “Open Air” Brooklyn- Fulton St. (Between Classon Ave. & Franklin Ave.)

(Event open to general public)

After that, I'm headed back home to Dallas.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Don't end up like this... Part 2

I've been wondering for the last few days, why this post titled "Don't end up like this..." gathered so much attention, and so fast.

I mean, I posted it around 5 or 6pm and within a hour or so it had over 250 views. I was very surprised. But what is it about that post that caused so much stir? Is is the gruesome picture? Is it the message that hit a nerve? Was it both? Or is it that bad news (bad pictures, words, songs, etc.) spreads quickly. I am aware that the picture is pretty unnerving, but I think it's more of the reality that someone can really get messed up THAT BAD from something that happened to them. Maybe even because of something they did.

The truth of the matter is, you could end up like that guy. As horrible as the thought may be. The actions you make everyday do have consequences, and sometimes they wind up being very severe. Just the sheer look of the guys face makes you feel chills down your back. But imagine if that was someone you knew or if you were looking yourself in the mirror all messed up like that...

Dear friends, I am always saying this, but some of you still don't listen. Life is not a game or a joke. It is serious. There is a reaction to every action. There is a consequence to every decision. There is a flip side to every coin. Please for the love of all that's good, be careful and recognize that if you are not careful with your choices, you too, could end up like "this (below)"... Or maybe even worst!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Are You Just Gonna Stand There And Take That ???

This blog is about cooking, but I think this one has a good point for life.

"Stop being lazy, with finding the solutions to your problem whether it be in the kitchen, your health, finances, family or any area. Look for the answer,I believe it is right in front of you. Find it, recognize it and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT."

The line above is very true. That is the reason I reposted this blog. Not everything it talks about can I relate to. I mean, I know how to cook a bit, but I'm not the kind of guy who is just going to spend all day in the kitchen trying new recipes. But this line about Stop being lazy is sooooo important!

Laziness is like a cancer to your life. It kills you little by little. You spend half the day in bed, you are not productive. You hesitate to get things done. You are a procrastinator. You never 'feel like" doing what you need to, and so you don't.

There is no excuse to be that way. We have to get things done, period. We have to be active and go after things. Life is not going to bring everything to you and lay it at your feet. Sometimes it will take a lot of effort, sometimes it will take sweat and blood and sheer will to achieve something. So be willing to put it in. And yes that applies to whether you are cooking, at school, looking for a job, maintaining a relationship or anything else for that matter. You need will and determination.

So you can check out this blog post below if you want. And if you are in need of cooking advice... You can find some recipes on it too whilst you're at it.

In the kitchen with Elise: Are You Just Gonna Stand There And Take That ???: Life that is worth living is a life that you take care of. It's easy to find people who say. I want to live a long, happy and wonderful l...

Friday, April 6, 2012

Don't end up like this...

A quick message to all you guys and girls out there, with a smart mouth, who love to talk trash to everyone you meet. Watch your mouth, and don't end up like this...

Monday, April 2, 2012

Life is like a box of Chocolates...

Some of you may remember this one. The famous line from the movie Forest Gump...
"Life is like a box of chocolates... you never know what you're gonna get".

This was a line repeated time and time again. And in a sense it's very true. You don't know what you're gonna get outta life. You can't decide each and every thing that will happen from day to day. But you can have a big impact on what you get outta life. You can make good, strategic (meaning thoughtful) decisions each day that more than likely will decide what happens tomorrow.

If you just say, I don't know what I will get outta life, so I might as well not put too much effort into it, you are just setting yourself up for failure. Just because you can't guess the whole future, doesn't mean you shouldn't plan. You absolutely should plan, think, make decisions, and drive your own life, never following those who will lead you the wrong way.

So sure, life is like a box of chocolates, and sure you may not know exactly what you're gonna get. But you can decide to buy or not buy those chocolates each day. And you can be smart enough to read the label, so you may know whats inside (think of the consequences of your actions or decisions). Then you will know.... "what you're gonna get."