Friday, February 18, 2011

A terrible thing to waste!

A mind really is a terrible thing to waste isn't it?

Our mind is funny (but not really). It seems to go wherever it wants sometimes without ever asking permission. Many people catch themselves day dreaming about nothing important or almost anything. But the dangerous thing is, that the places our mind likes to take us to the most, are normally not places it needs to be going at all. All sorts of thoughts go through our head each day. Some good, others bad. Everything from memories from the past, to funny movies that we saw. But one thing is for sure... our mind is NEVER empty.

The fact is, our thoughts are sort of like a car. You can crank it up and step on the pedal, but if you don't control it, you will crash. Our minds need to be controlled. Our thoughts are the beginning of our actions, so we need to control them. No one would try to drive a car blind folded. So why let your mind roam without restraints to any far away place it so chooses? You have to grab hold of the steering wheel in your head and control your thoughts.

Sure there is no way to stop any and all bad thoughts from entering your mind. But one thing is for sure, you can stop them from staying. You have to reject bad thoughts and quickly move on the thinking about something better.

I met a women one day who lost her mother 20yrs before the day we met. And up to that day, she still cried everyday over her mother, and never managed to move forward. How many young people use the fact that they don't have a dad, and can't forget that he walked out on them, as an excuse for failure? They do this, because their mind is constantly thinking about the bad things that happened. So much so that they never move forward. Your thoughts can build you or break you. Even Jesus said that it's not what goes into a person that corrupts them, but what goes out. Where does what goes out originate? In your mind!

So we need to be very careful with our thoughts. Don't waste your mind on none sense. And don't let garbage from around you fill your head. Think about what is good, let go of the past. No matter how hard it may be to do, just let go. It's not worth holding onto things that hurt you.

And be careful with the media, music, gossip, etc. They can all fill your head with negativity. Choose you conversations wisely, and especially the ones that are not positive. And when you can't avoid listening to negative words, dismiss them from your mind as quickly as they entered. Don't hold a grudge, don't hate, don't seek revenge.

Remember it's your life. When you focus on negativity, you are allowing another person or thing to control your life.
Your mind is the car... but you are the driver.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No Gunk, No Junk, Just You

I was remembering this juice I used to drink called "Just Juice". No, I'm not hungry or thirsty, I was remembering something else about it. The slogan on the carton always said these words "No Gunk, No Junk, Just Juice". That got me to thinking. What are they trying to say with that? It is clear that they are saying their juice is not full of a bunch of impure junk. It is not loaded with fillers, or unhealthy ingredients. They are saying it is pure, it is clean, and most importantly it is what it is, juice. They are saying, if it says orange, you will not get apple, or if it says pineapple, you will not get grape. They are saying that they are genuine and real.

By now you are probably thinking, but what does this have to do with me. Well, let's look at it this way; how many people live each day pretending to be something they are not? How many others are full of "fillers" meaning they are not real, they change according to whatever goes in them. They let music go into their mind and corrupt it with "junk". They let terrible friends into their life that slow them down with "gunk" like gossip, rumors, bad ideas, pressure to do wrong, etc.

Many people are filled with gunk and junk. The things they let into their lives are a bunch of garbage. And as they say in the world "you are what you eat". In the same way, you are what you eat spiritually. You eat filthy music, you will be filthy minded. You eat gossip, you sin with your mouth, you eat pornography you will be a pervert. You eat laziness, you will be a loser! If you fill yourself with junk, then that is what is going to come out of you. It will either come out in your words, actions, or at least in your thoughts.

Not to mention what I said earlier about those who don't even want to do these things, but end up following the crowd. You are really being pathetic. Why do I say that. Because you are going to destroy your life, whilst living a lie. So you will end up hurt in the end, for something you didn't even want. What's the point in that? You need to be true to yourself. And stand up for what is right.

Remember, it's your life. You can make it as clean or as dirty as you want. No one can stop you. But if you want a clean, pure life, you need to get the junk out. And you know what junk is in your life.

Like that juice company, you need to adopt a policy... No Gunk, No Junk, Just YOU.