Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I WISH I could...

We as a people have some really bad habits that we need to break.

One of many, is the habit of always saying "I wish..."

I was taught some time ago that there is a huge difference between a wish and a want.
What we really want, we make a way to get. What we wish for, is actually more of a fantasy.

How many times do people say things like, "I wish I could lose 10 pounds" or "If only I could get a better job" or "how I wish I had this or that". All the while they do absolutely nothing to make it happen. So do they really, really want to have that? Of course not! Because if they wanted it, they would be doing more to make it happen.

What they really need to say is, "It would be nice to have this, but honestly, I am not going to move a foot to make it happen". These are the ones who are full of excuses, why they can never have this or that. But they fail to look in the mirror and see that if they really wanted what they are saying they wish they could have, they would be out doing something to make it happen.

But of course, that would be too much like right.

If you want something, you have to set your mind on it and go after it. You want to lose weight, great. But you need to change your diet and exercise. You CAN do it. You just need to decide on it, and go after it. If you want a better job, who says you can't have it. But what are you doing to find one, or prepare yourself for when an opportunity arises?

What you really want is shown by what you do. Not by what you say.

It's like a wise man once said, "people who want make a way, people who don't want make excuses".


  1. FOR my point of view this is so true if we whant some thing we have to work for it and don't wait it to come to your way it will never happen when i wanted the Holly Spirit i work so hard to get it but i wanted so now i have it.So don't stop go for what you want..

  2. It is very true. You either want it or you don't. Its not about being a wishful thinker, but a doer. I know what I need to do if I really want something, put my all into it and persevere until I achieve it.

  3. Hello pastor, I don't usually comment on blogs. But I am doing so now. Thank you for the advice right here and all the other before that, is great for me and I have taken all to heart right here. I am tired of excuses I am going out there and make things happen.

  4. This is so true sometimes we pray and pray for a blessing that we want but there are no actions to show that we really want it. In the church they always teach us to fight for what we want and prepare ourselves to receive it. When we really want to achieve things in life we must stop making excuses and do everything to receive.

  5. very true, we have to make the decision to actually do what have to do do. because its easy to just say it even that we want it, and we just say it from mouth out. Action does speak louder than words, basically we have to walk the walk not just talk the talk.

  6. Certainly true, we show what we want not by what we say but by what we do. Many times I have said I want this and that yet my actions actually showed the opposite, I would make excuses always concerning that issue, I would try once and then when I fail give-up or even procrastinate. Reading this made me realize that I really deep down didn't want what I said I wanted but was just wishing for it yet not having the desire to work hard for it and making the necessary sacrifices needed in order to achieve it

  7. This is very true. When we want to see something happen in our lives we have to take action and make it happen.

  8. So true why wish is a bad habbit is kind of an excuse of wishing to have it but putting excuses for not to have it.Just do something about it or call attention or work hard to have what you desired .

  9. It’s true if we really wanted we have to act instead of making up excuses. Because actions show that we really want that to happen.