Friday, September 28, 2012


Some people say that in the middle of the word believe is the word lie, so you can't really believe in anything, because the word itself has lie in the middle. 
But if you take away the E (which to me stands for what EVERYONE else thinks) then believe becomes to BE, Live 
Which means to not just say you believe it, but to BE it, meaning it has to be a part of who you are.
LIVE it. 
Don't just talk about what you "believe" in. And don't follow what everyone else thinks about your faith or belief (if it is right of course), but Be it an Live it. Let it drive you.
Just remember, you need to first get rid of the E (everyone else's opinions).


  1. Very well thoughtful...

    The same way the devil makes people to have such a closed mind to even see a negative word in a powerful word. The Holy Spirit our Counselor reveals this great POWER in the word BELIeVE.

    This one I will for sure carry with me. Jesus said Everything is posible for he those who want to BE LIVE!

  2. Man, this is Powerful Pastor Damien, THANK GOD! Thanks for sharing this with me and us all! I BE LIVE man, not be lie! It does not matter what others think, but BE LIVE and live our faith in GOD and I know through this, GOD will touch these people to give their all to GOD also. GOD BLESS Pastor Damien!

  3. Hello Pastor! You are missed in Dallas :(....

  4. Whoever made the anonymous comment from Dallas, I appreciate you remembering me, but I am just a human being, nothing else. Full of mistakes. Change comes to better us, not destroy us. So please look forward and support the one that is there. Keep following the blog and the fan page on Facebook, but look forward as well. Take care.