Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gotta love those insults...

Take a look at the picture above...

That's pretty offensive to say to a person, isn't it?

Nobody really likes being insulted (even if the words are true). We all learn that there is a way that you should go about saying things to people. And even Jesus teaches us to speak with respect to others. I remember growing up and constantly hearing this expression, "there's a way to talk to a dog!" Basically when a person says that, they are saying that "you're not gonna talk to me just any kinda way." And by all means I agree that there is a right and wrong way to go about saying things.

So that may leave you asking, "then why did you write this blog?" I will get to that in a minute.

First of all let's be clear, I'm not saying that we should speak to people in an insulting manner. But what I am about to say is referring to the way that others speak to us.

I think in some way insults are good. WHAT! You may be thinking right now. But yes, I mean it. I think in some ways they are good. Why? Because when someone insults you, it makes you angry. And when you get angry, you want to do something about whatever they insulted you about. You want to make sure that that person never, ever has the chance to be able to insult you about that again. For example, you are a little overweight, so someone says to you, "wow, you are really packing on the pounds! What have you been doing, eating horses for dinner?" Sure. It will make you mad. But it will also make you look at yourself and think, "I will lose some weight so that no one will be able to say something like that to me again." And by you making that decision, you will become healthier. So the insult lead you to action. Of course there are many more constructive ways to say the same thing that they said to you, but there again, I'm not talking about the way we speak to others, but the way that others speak to us.

If we don't use the insult as fuel to push ourselves forward, then what is the other choice? We will end up sinking into a deep pit of depression or sadness, because someone put us down. And that is not productive. We have to use positive and negative criticism as fuel to propel us forward.

So the next time someone insults you, tell them thanks. And prove them wrong or change yourself so that they will never be able to throw that punch again.


  1. There are different levels of insults and sometimes negative people say things just to make you feel bad or to make themselves feel better. But I understand what you're saying here! Thanks for this!

  2. "Surely it was for my benefit that I suffered such anguish." {Isaiah 38:17} So true Damien. Is not what other say or do to us that affects us, its how we embrace and respond to it. 1-We can allow our selves to get to their low level of disrespect and fight back. 2-We can harbor those offensive low class criticism in our heart and be sad and depressed about it. 3- Or we can do something about it, and get some benefit from that anguish to better ourselves on whatever it is they're putting us down so no one will ever have that pleasure. Some people just have poor choice of words. Others, just like to have a kick on putting you down and make you feel miserable. whatever the case may be, its all up to you how to take criticism.

  3. just 4 days ago i was talking to some guy from my school about the YPG and bout God. And all of a suden a nother guys heard and another and another so im thinking
    "hey im going to tell them about the Ypg" but when i start talking and i was with my sister. They all start talking about the chusrch because one of the guys when to the church with his mom and dad for like 2 years and so he starts saying how they steal money and all this garbage and everyone is listening and i panic i have no idea what to say so then thay all laugh at me and tell me all this churchy girl stuff.
    And so i just turn around and sit at my desk and i start ti think and i was like God i did what you wanted talked about you but why dont they understand? and then po .. it comes to my mind this verse in the bible about they will be like living among scorpions and they will be rebelious about listening but you still go to them ... ill make you as hard as a dimonn and tough as a rock"
    So i took it all in and said ok i planted the seed God make it Grow!!
    And today right now im at school and im still talking about the YPG and about the the to life and im not going to get down NO!! Im going to hit the devil where it really hurts!!!!!!!
    Im strong and i can do it!!!
    Thanyou Triana Saucedo