Monday, November 28, 2011

Do you love me?

I normally don't blog about this kind of subject, but today I decided to.

A lot of people are so quick to say, "I love you". Or "you mean the world to me". Or "no one will ever replace you". And so forth and so on. But the fact is, do they really mean it? When you say you love someone what are you saying? Are you saying, you like them a lot or are you saying you would die for them?

Many people have been really hurt and even killed because they thought someone loved them and found out that it wasn't true. Then after they got disappointed, they ended up doing something stupid. And I'm not just talking about relationship love, I mean friendship and family as well.

I have heard people tell me they loved me many times. But if you love me, wouldn't you be out for my best interest? Wouldn't you care about what I want? Wouldn't you care about what I think or feel or say? If you love me, doesn't that require you to show it through actions? Yes. So don't say it and not show it.

Love can be a powerful force that changes a person for the better, or false love can be a destructive force that tears people down, and leads them to the worst decisions possible.

This may not be a deep post, but it's true.


  1. Its a very deep post and very true. Love is a strong word and now a days it is used all to often. It is used incorrectly and not valued. True love sticks it out, fights, encourages, strengthens and looks out for your best not the other way around.

    Thanks for this reminder

  2. This is Deep but i agree it's the truth. i have many friends and by many i mean alot! they always say i love you! your my number 1 your the best friend in this world, i would die without you. noone can replace you. but me as a christian and a ypg memeber know that it's nothing but a lie! we need to stop saying all these "can't live without you...blahhh" to our friends and say it to our creator and savior. thankyou pastor damien. this really helps! God bless you.
    stefani ypg pompano beach florida simeon tribe.