Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Don't Throw it all Away!

I read an article a few weeks back that spoke about a young basketball player that had been murdered close to his home. The thing that bothered me the most was not the fact that another youth had been murdered, but the fact that another youth didn't listen.

This young guy had a very promising future in basketball. But there was one problem, he would not stay out of the streets. He liked hanging with the drug dealers and gang members. But he had a chance to change. He had actually been warned many times to stay out of the streets before he ended up dead or in jail. But he would not listen. In the end he threw his career, and more importantly, his life away for the excitement of street life.

The sad thing is, that many other youth will make that exact same decision today, tomorrow and the next day as well. But why? Because young people like to live for the moment and not think about consequences. They don't like to listen to advice or the wisdon of others who have been through more than they have. But is that the best choice to make? Of course not. Why throw your life away for a little fun, for a little rush. Life is fragile and must be cared for. Meaning you need to think before you act. There are many things that are very exciting, but are just not good for us. There are many places that are very cool, but are just not good to hang out at.

You have to be the one to decide for yourself. But this young guy decided to choose the streets and look at what it cost him. HIS LIFE! Now what about you, are you willing to throw it all away for the sake of some excitement right now. Or do you want to be a little more careful, and maybe even be called boring, but have a good future.

You decide...


  1. I choose to be a little more careful, he lost his life, another soul won for the Devil....

  2. This is very true it's your decision that takes you where you are in life.

  3. Decisions are taking every day, but you have the chose to make the right one. Think before you do something stupid that will cost your life or your loved ones….

    I have a sister that took the wrong decision and she lost her daughter….

    Today she regrets it, but now it’s too late...

  4. very strong pastor, we do have decision # 1 because God gave us thatfreedom. i was taking that life before i had came to church untill i realize of all the time that i lost, but thank God that i came back and it wasnt too late, but not every youth has that same opportunity.

  5. I prefer to be called boring and at least secure my future, after all I only have one life to live, after this one if finished there is no other. Being young I have alot to accomplish. Moments pleasure can certainly cause us painful consequences in the future I definitely know. Like the bible says what we sow we will reap, if I dont listen to good advice today I will suffer in the future. Therefore its best to be safe than sorry many years down the line