Monday, March 19, 2012

Is it SAFE?

I have a question for you who are reading this...

Is it safe, to hang around negative people if you are trying to be positive?
Is it? Is it safe to say, "I won't do what they do, we are just cool, just friends"?
Is it safe to assume that you will be strong enough to resist the peer pressure when a friend wants to get high and you look like the lame for not wanting to?
Is it safe to think you can be in the room with that girl or guy alone and not take it any further?
Is it safe to totally ignore your studies and hope that you will be able to cram everything in during the last few months or sometimes weeks of school?
Is it safe to put all types of substances in your body and guess that you should be strong enough to handle it?

Is it safe, to play with your life???


  1. i try doing that this past weekend and it proved that it isnt safe because sometimes we are not strong enough to handle it...

  2. No its not safe,n not wise....speaking from expiernce,its best to keep away from negative things n ppl. It will bring you down,theres no thinking abt this question,just stay away from it. Trust me....

  3. We aren't strong enough even if we are to proud to say we are. It's called being smart and alert of your surroundings(including who you choose who your friends are)

    1. It is not good for a good person to hang out with a bad. Company.A. good. Company corrupts a good mind.Mmakoto Morudu

  4. Many teens think tht they r strong enough nd tht they could recist it, bt the truth is tht we r not... Our flesh wnt to try the things in this world... So there will b ppl out there offering things tht u r slowly leaving aside, If u dont want to b the same person as b4, u shouldnt hang around with the same ppl... B around ppl tht are actually going to help u nd not pressuring u on doing things u dont wnt to do..

  5. no its not safe..I already prove that when I allowed my self to listen to any mind got corrupted..good thing I came to realize it before its too late..I'm a risk taker person but when it comes to my faith(my salvatio) I'v rather not..better protect it by walking away when we encounter situations that aren't safe.

  6. No, it isn't safe. I have done this before. I thought I have the strength but I ended up doing what they were doing. So better stay away and never join them. Now I understand what my sister was always telling me, to avoid bad company.

  7. No it is never safe. I like to think of it in terms of math. A negative & a positive equals a negative. As much as you try to keep a positive frame of mind some of that negativity filters through. It's not worth it. I have been inviting co-worker that I know is doing wrong to come to the church & she doesn't want to come. Yesterday she invited me to go with her & another co-worker to a service they go to on lunch sometimes at another church. I almost decided to go but then knowing how the devil works I realize how he wz working through her. It's very easy to slip up. My salvation is not worth it.