Friday, March 25, 2011

Gotta watch those "little" foxes!

I was reading the bible this morning, just looking for a passage that I had heard some time ago. But what I ended up stumbling across got me to thinking. Here is the passage I found:

"Catch the foxes for us,
the little foxes that ruin the vineyards—
for our vineyards are in bloom." (Song of Solomon 2:15)

What I find the most interesting is, the way it is stated. Not only catch us the foxes, but catch us the "little" foxes that ruin the vineyard. It's like the writer is saying, I'm not so worried about the big foxes, because I see them coming. But help me to see when the little sneaky ones are trying to get in.

Let's look at this from another point of view. In life, there is always something trying to destroy us or bring us down. Sometimes there are big threats that come right up to our face and try to break us. Other times they are smaller threats. But which are the most dangerous?

I think the "little foxes" are more dangerous to the farm than the big ones. Why? Because you see the big ones coming. And even if you don't see them, they have trouble getting through the fence. But the little foxes creep in through the holes in the fence, and they destroy everything.

Now let's think about life. It is the "little" sins that really destroy us. We see the big threats coming and quickly say no. Those who have been in the church or in the youth group for awhile are not going to just jump up one day and say, "God is not real", or go and kill someone, or rob a bank. So those bigger mistakes are not the ones that get you easily. But the ones that do get to you are the little things. A "little" pornography, a "little" lie, a "little" gossip. The small things that sometimes seem so harmless, but later become much bigger. It is the little things that we have to watch out for. Those are the sins or mistakes that really pose a threat. Because they sneak in unnoticed and plant themselves in our hearts and destroy us little by little. So watch out! You may not see a big fox with fangs dripping with saliva ready to pounce, coming at you. But that sure doesn't mean that the little foxes aren't creeping in. In fact, they may already be in the vineyard (your head) destroying all the good things that are there.

Let us pray daily for God to help us protect ourselves from the little foxes that creep into our lives to destroy us.


  1. Yea that is so true by just the sins they will continue on without them knowing.

  2. Yea that is so true by just doing the little sins they will still continue on the sins without them knowing

  3. This is absolutely true. The little sins are the worst because we do not look at them as anything major. Sooner than later those little sins will turn into a huge problem. We should keep a watchful eye on everything we do and happens around us.

  4. I really like this post pr. because it is really true because sometimes we only look at the obvious "big sins" but not the apparently smaller one's or the things that we think won't affect our spitirtually life, even recently in uni I found myself having to look out for these little foxes in the form of friends. Because even though its not a sin to have friends if the friends are of the world they will eventually corrupt my character even if it looks okay now if I don't eliminate these little foxes they will lead me to "little sins" and little by little i'd get further and further away from God. I thank God that he revealed it to me straight away =)

  5. Like the saying goes its the little things that matter, I once read this verse but never thought of it in the way that it has been explained here. Its so true that many times we brush off those little things and even at times make excuses as to why we do those things, but if we don't watch those little foxes will grow to become big foxes and will eventually destroy our vine. I myself need to definitely pray and ask for Gods help to recognize those little things that want to destroy me and be able to cut them off before they even grow

  6. Its funny how this same message keeps on coming to my mind. I know God is speaking to me! There comes a point when the war seems to 'quiet down' a bit but that is when we really need to watch both inside as well as outside our minds and hearts.

    Thank you for allowing God to use you.

  7. This is very true sometimes we keep are eye on the big problems but the
    small things that could make us sin become bigger in us which will make us get away from God.
    Maybe its reading the bible sometimes then it becomes into never then it becomes it "ama prayer today" next thing you know "next time" and so on.And you end up far from God and with so little faith.Then you just shut down.We gotta be careful and watch those little foxes.

  8. This is something we can not take for granted, lately I have noticed that the little things we don't bother with always turn into something big, I have friends that are suffering the consequences now because they ignored the little problems that could have been dealt with. Now its too late!

  9. thats so true we do have to watch out for the little sins in our life thats what counts in the eyes of GOD. Thank you for the message i will apply it to my life.

  10. Like you said pastor that, it is the little things that we have to watch out for. Because those are the ones who end up destroying us inside.