Wednesday, January 12, 2011

DETERMINATION Pt. 2 "Oh, so your mad?"

It really trips me out, how many people are soooo upset about the way their life is, but are doing NOTHING to change it.
How many people right now are saying "I'm sick of this relationship, it is going nowhere" or "I am tired of drinking myself to death" or "I fed up with this or that". This list really goes on and on. But most of these people put little or no effort into changing their life. If you are tired of something you do something about it. No matter what it takes, you put in the effort to change it. And yes sometimes it will have to cause you a little pain. It will hurt a bit, but to change the way your life is; that's what it takes! It's like the story of that man who was a rock climber and got stuck in the canyon and had to saw his own arm off. That was a neccesary pain. And for a better life you will find times that you have to go through neccesary pain. The pain of leaving someone, the pain of losing a friend, the pain of leaving a job, the pain of missing something that was supposedly exciting, the pain of exercise, etc. Anything that is going to have a good ending is going to cause you some pain.
And that is exactly what determination is. It is a die hard attitude that says "come what may come, I am getting over this, or getting to that, etc." It is an energy in you, that doesn't allow you to stop going. I have seen countless people say they are determined to do something or to change something, but you know what happens. After a short time of so called "trying", they just give up and resort back to the old way of thinking and living. That is NOT determination!
Those who are determined don't allow friends, family, money, addictions, complexes, or anything else get in their way. They face any challenge with an iron will, ready to show who they are. People will not see who you are based on what you say. They will know who you are, based on what you do.
So ask yourself this question, who am I? Am really determined to change my life this year, or am I hoping to find an easy way around problems and difficulties? To you who want a hand out in life, who don't want to fight, who want things easy.
I just have this word of advice for you...
Don't hold your breath waiting for the easy way to come. You'll probably die before it gets there.


  1. That's true pastor, if we really want to change we will have to feel the pain. If we determined our change, it will happen.

  2. What you shows what you want. There is no point in saying that you are determined if it is not followed with an action.

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Nothing good comes easy. We have to be willing to sacrifice and fight for a better life and situations. I like the way you write your messages, very clear and saying it how it is,good or bad.
    Thankyou for sharing.

  4. No Sacrifice No Success. Everything that’s good takes brings some sort of pain but at the end its worth feeling the pain. Its all about believing, doing our best and trusting in God 100% put our trust that he won’t let us down.

    Daise Quental

  5. The defintion that you gave of determination being a diehard attitude to receive what you want and not letting any circumstance get in the way of acheiving it really opened my eyes. Determination takes you to the end of the race not the middle! It's what makes you strive to get your goal all other situations are only distractions and are inadequete.