Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The day after tomorrow...

What's the most common, yet weakest, most pitiful statement you've ever heard from someone, who doesn't want to do something? Can't think of the answer?

How about, "I'll do it tomorrow".
This is the biggest load of garbage that can ever be stated. If you really want to do it, then why wait until tomorrow? But the funny thing is, we hear this so much that we even become numb to it. When a person says, " I need to go on a diet. You know what, I'm gonna start on Monday." But today is Thursday, so why are you waiting four days to start? No one really believes that they will follow through with this sudden declaration. And why? Because if they were serious they would start immediately. If you see you need to do it, why not start today, or tomorrow at the latest.
The truth is we say these things to comfort ourself. We want to convince ourselves that if we just have a few more days to prepare, then we will finally be ready to make a change. But that is not how it works. Change comes when we decide on something and act. Once I know I need to do something, then the next step should be to start on it right away. I myself have been a victim of this excuse, "it's no point in starting in the middle of the week. I might as well start afresh next week." But normally, when Monday comes, then you say Tuesday, then on Tuesday you say Wednesday. Then on Wednesday, you say there's no need to start in the middle of the week, I will start on Monday. And the vicious cycle continues.
The point is a procrastinator will go nowhere, because he is always finding a reason why not to go. Action is the only remedy. When you think it, if it's right and you know you need it, then do it. Don't let time slow you down. Momentum is so important. Many times a person has a great idea, but lacks the go ahead to get it done. If you truly believe in it, then go ahead and jump in. The attitude of a winner is simple," I'd rather live with failure than to die knowing I never tried." But the funny thing is, if you give your best everyday, and don't procrastinate when action is needed, I have a hard time believing you will fail.


  1. True I will always say to myself to start my task next Friday or the next day and so on... It's better to start now then to wait a couple of days or years...

  2. The habit of procastination is sooo not good, its soo hard to come out of but I now will ask myself how important is the task at hand to me. If I claim its important then I will dive into it.

    This was truly needed. Thank you.

  3. I like this!
    Thats so true. We procrastinate in many things. Including whats so very important for our physical and spiritual life. What we don't realize though, is that we are hurting ourselves by not doing what we got to do, NOW.

  4. wow, its so true, when one makes a decision theres no time to procrastinate, its straight to what you want, if there is something that need to be changed, then it changes today not next week. the amount of times ive said i'll start tomorrow, or when ever but never do.

  5. This is so true!! I tend to say i will do something from next week going etc, why not start straight away. It is easy to procrastinate without even realising. I will make a conscious effort to start things that i say i will right away.
    Thankyou, this was an eye opener and very helpful.

  6. Unfortunately I do this too much and the more I do it the further I fall behind in accomplishing my goals. Procrastination is basically laziness and laziness does not come from God. Procrastinating is not my biggest weakness but I know I need to work on the this.
    Its not enough to just say I want to change I really need to take some action and show God how much I want to change. Actions spea louder than words, if everyone did the things which God put in their hearts the Work of God would be a lot more different, those who make part of the work would be different and those who don't know would want to know. It's like a domino effect you change we all change and the world sees the change and has a reason to if not believe but respect the God we serve.