Friday, May 27, 2011

What I learned from the Miami Heat

Being from Miami, I have always been a Heat fan. Long before they were a great team me and my brothers used to wear the Heat starter jackets.

Anyway, there is something I payed attention to, that I see is a trait in every great team and every great individual. And that is a never-say-die attitude. A it's only over when it's over mentality. A don't give up till the very last second mindset. This is a quality that is hard to beat.

For those who saw game 5 of the Conference Finals you will know that with 2mins and something seconds left in the game, the Heat were down by 10 points (77-67). But to no ones surprise, they began to attack with furious determination, which led to a comeback. And with under a minute left in the game they took the lead. So in less than two minutes they completely turned what should have been a lost, into a great victory. The funny thing is the Dallas Mavericks had done the same thing a few days before. And the Heat have done this time and time again.

This is the heart of champions! You want to win in life. You want to overcome the toughest battles. You want to make it to the highest places in this world. Fine, you can, but you must have a never say die attitude too. You must have a grit inside of you that stares defeat in the eyes and says "I will take you down". I love seeing turnarounds. There I was building something for my wife whilst watching the T.V. thinking "I guess there will be a game six". Then all of a sudden one 3 pointer, then another, then a steal, and then they are tied, then the Heat win!

Life is like this. Problems, challenges, struggles will come. Sometimes the odds will be totally against us. But never say die. Especially us who believe in such a great God. Because the world can put the odds against us, but really the odds are always in our favor, because our team is divine. If you fight back, God will back you up. Just as long as your fighting for what's right, what's good, what's fair.

So when you seem beat, take a lesson from the Miami Heat. It's not over time the last buzzer sounds. Fight till the end.

God bless you all, and may you never stop fighting.

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