Friday, February 3, 2012

It was all so simple then...

"With as much as I appreciate the internet for all that it has done to make life easier; I still remember a much more simple era, when you had time for other things than twitter or Facebook. A time when conversations weren't held via typing, texting or "chat". A time when we valued simple things. A time when it was fun just to take some cans and buckets and make music, a time when we played football on the neighborhood streets, and didn't have to smoke a blunt first. A time when T.V. did not have first priority in out lives. A time when cell phones didn't exist, so it forced you to value the chance you had to talk to a loved one. A time when problems were not so easily broadcasted or exploited on the media. I remember a much more simple time. And to be really honest..
It was nice."

This was my post on Facebook this morning. And I know a lot of the readers are too young to remember that time. I do. And it was nice. The point I am making is that, in spite of times changing, we need to never forget who to enjoy the more important things like talking to each other, showing care for each other, spending quality time with loved ones (not just in front of PS3 or HDTV). We need to value each other.


  1. Man Pastor Damien man, this is REAL TALK! I remember that, yes, we watched television, but there were some good shows to watch and we went outside and spent all day outside. Man, we played kickball, soccer, football, basketball and just hanged out with the family also friends. Now man, everyone wants to just watch television, be on facebook all day, text each other, there is not even that value of each other anymore. Everyone wants to drink it up all day and hang out, everyone wants to just be watching television rather than spend time with their families, and when you want to spend time with friends or family, they just want to play games all day, watch movies, be inside, they do not want to even barbacue anymore man and have a great time getting to spend some quality time with a Blessing of GOD that HE gave us man, HE did not just give us a family for them to just be there, HE placed a family there for a reason, so that one can love another, care for each other, help each other, and value each other, not waste time with giving value to a piece of technology, a game system, a social network or any other piece of technology, our family is not a piece of technology, our families is a Blessing of GOD, so don't waste time man, spend time with them, they will not be here forever man! Thanks for sharing that Pastor Damien, GOD BLESS you man and your whole family man!!!

  2. Does anybody want their country back?