Wednesday, April 20, 2011

NO! Are you out of your mind!

I can't seem to get my head around how so many people give up so easily.

Why even start something that you are not willing to put enough effort into completing?
Let's be more specific... Why profess to have faith in God and say that you give your life to Him, but after things get a little hard, start to pout and say I quit? I'm sorry, but I just don't get it.
Every since I was a small child, there was one characteristic that I learned and kept with me. That is to never start something you are not planning to finish. And once you have started, no matter how hard it gets, don't give up without a fight. Really it's to fight to the death.

Your never a failure, until you stop fighting. If I was trying to become a famous designer and I pursued it for years and years, but then I died before ever making it. No one could say that I failed. I simply died before succeeding. But I died trying. The most important thing is to never stop fighting.

Many times people will come at you with negative words to discourage you. And your own thoughts will try to create this negativity as well. So you have to know when to be nice and when to be strong. For someone to give up on their faith or on a dream, something had to happen along the way to discourage them. And normally it was someone or something that happened or came into their life and started to pollute them. That is why we need to be careful with who we call friend, and with who we start a relationship with.

Whoever and whatever I allow into my mind will certainly plant seeds, and if not soon, then later those seeds will sprout and bear their destructive fruit.

So what should I do with people who come to me trying to discourage me, or trying to break me down? I can tell you what I would do. I would tell them to get out of my face with their negative words or discouraging words. And if that person is trying to get me to turn my back on my dreams or my faith, I would tell them " Are you out of your mind!"

There is a time to be nice and a time to be strong. Even Jesus Himself did not play with His faith. He was very sharp with those who tried to discourage Him. For example when Peter tried to stop Him from going to die for us, He said to Peter "Get behind me satan!". I guess you wouldn't say that was polite. But he had to protect his faith.

There are some things that are more important than feelings. Our future is one of them.


  1. Hi Pastor,

    That is true, if people around us try to discourage us from achieving in life we have to stop the relationship we have with them it doesn't matter if they are friends. Even family the ones who are the closes to us will try to put our faith down and achieving in life. So, lets keep our eye open..

    Thanks pastor for the message and God Bless you,

  2. Hi Pastor

    I read this and related it to my self because I am studying to be a designer but the road to that path has been bumpy. I know the only thing that will give me the strength to make it till the end is if I place my eye on the prize and don't look any where else.

    Thanks Pastor and God bless