Monday, April 4, 2011

What if I had...?

There's a nice song called "I don't wanna go through the motions" that I have been thinking about in the last couple of days. I actually haven't heard it in a while, but I keep thinking about it.

You may ask what is the point? Well, it's not really the whole song that I keep thinking about. It's really just one line. The singer says "I don't wanna spend my whole life asking, what if I had given everything... instead of going through the motions".

How deep is that line? "What if I had given everything?"

I know one thing. I don't wanna spend my whole life asking that question. But many people will.
Right now all over the world there are people doing this 21 day fast from secular distractions. And some will do it right, and really go all the way, and be truly filled with God's presence and receive the Holy Spirit and change inside.

But others will just go through the motions, meaning just do it any kind of way. Just caught up in the hype of everyone else doing it. That is sad. Because on the 17th when nothing happens for them, they will be left asking, "what if I had given everything...instead of going through the motions"?

And the same rule applies to life. Many people talk so much about what they will do, or what they will change. But they are just going through the motions. They are not really ready to make the commitment to change at all.

And that is why we have so many defeated people in this world. Especially those who are Christians. They say they believe in a great God, but they just go through the motions, they don't act on their faith in a bold enough way to make something happen. It is almost as if Jesus is just a comforting fairytale king to them. It's as if God were a bandage for a bleeding wound. The bandage covers the wound, but doesn't heal it.

It breaks my heart to see how many people start stuff and don't finish, or worst off, are not even willing to start something because it is "too hard". They just go through the motions in life, and that is it.

Listen dear friends, this 21 day fast that we are doing is not a joke. It is not just for the old or for the young. Not just for members or just for pastors or bishops. This is not just for people who are very holy or have been in church for many years. This is for everyone!

There is death and devastation all over the world right now, and the signs of the end are evident. Now ask yourself this question; one day when you have to stand judgement, do you want to spend ETERNITY asking "what if I had given everything...instead of going through the motions?"


  1. Damien, This is so powerful I am going to share this with the youths and even everyone that I will come across.

    We need to do everything and stop asking What if I had given everything??

    Leonardo Da Silva

  2. We have to stop asking ourselves, "what if I had given everything...instead of going through the motions?" . We should take a decision on what we want instead of asking questions.

  3. This is very strong I will share! I too know that song very well and I also contemplated that line it is very deep. We have an opportunity with this 21 Day Campaign and if we don't take it we could spend a lifetime and even more an eternity regretting it! This is a very serious point, let us give our all now and not go through the motions.

  4. Thank you for sharing Pr. This really bought home! This has been the story of my life with previous campigns, but this is the opportunity to go ALL THE WAY!

    I will be posting this on the VYG board atm y branch.