Monday, January 9, 2012

Bad Decisions...

We must be very careful with our actions...

The reason I say this is because, the more bad decisions you make, the easier it becomes to do it again. It's like our conscience has a way of relieving itself of the sting of guilt that it felt the first time.

It's like I have heard many people say, that a murderer has the hardest time killing his first victim. But after that, it gets easier and easier. The same is with rapist, thieves, robbers, liars, etc.

The hardest time to do something wrong is the first time. Then after that, it slowly gets easier and easier. So the only way to avoid BIG problems, is to avoid the first time. And if you've already done it a few times, stop now, before it becomes natural to you.

We have to always see wrong as wrong and never allow it to disguise itself as right.


  1. We gotta change our ways if we keep hanging out with the people that get us in trouble we going to keep doing it it's going to be a natural feeling that is right when is wrong.Is in the person to be wiling to really want a change in there life.I read the book Shoulda of Been Death for any teen out there with a mind that hustling drugs and smoking weed is going to change your life your wrong even if you feel is right thing to do don't do it, the devil works in many ways without you even notice it. Read the Book is a Great Book to Read!! Start making the right decision today,God don't judge nobody's for who he is or what he did.

  2. That's very true pastor. At first we may do it out of emotion or the so called, just for fun, but after that we get use to it and it has become normal.

  3. This is a strong mge. I think it applies to everybody. Its hard to do whats right sometimes but we have to ask God for direction and strenght, and also be humble and do right.
    -Eunice Reyes/Dallas.. Saner