Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I can do bad by myself... or Good!

I put a comment on Facebook this morning and I started thinking more about it as the day went on.

The comment said,

"Learn to be happy in your own skin. Why should you need others to surround you and make you feel complete?"

The truth is, that so so many people need someone else around in order to somehow validate them self. It's like they can do nothing alone. They are forever asking others opinions about decisions they need to make, and always running to others for comfort when things go wrong.

I would like to say to these people, "please toughen up". You're not always gonna have someone there to cry on their shoulder. You'll not always have people to pity you and make you feel a little better about the situation. You'll not always have others to make choices for you.

And by the way, you shouldn't want others to do for you the things that you are supposed to do yourself. So stop looking for validation, or support, or comfort, or whatever you are looking for in other people.

Find the strength to be happy no matter who's around you. But to do that, you must first start to love yourself. You must see yourself as being special enough to be happy with. So if you don't see yourself as being important, you need to do a self evaluation and figure out what is wrong. Is it that you are doing things that depreciate your self worth? Or is it that you are holding on to negative words that you heard in the past? Or is it little complexes that you have already wrestled with for years?

Whatever the case, you need to find it, address it, and deal with it, so that you can start to love yourself again. If you can't do it alone, seek help. But do it.

In the end, when you learn to be happy with you, it will be a heck of a lot easier to also be happy with others around. But the difference will be, that you're happy when they're around, but you don't NEED them around to be happy.


  1. Very true! At some point we have to toughen up!

  2. Wow. I need to apply this to my life. Thanx a lot!! :)
    -Eunice Reyes