Monday, May 7, 2012

When all else fails... Tell the TRUTH! (Admit it part 2)

My mom used to have this saying... Well I think it is a general saying in the south, "when all else fails, tell the truth". I used to laugh like crazy when she would say that, because I have seen a lot of people resort to that. You try lying, but start getting caught up. So you lie some more, and that still doesn't work. After a while you start to feel like you're cornered. So what do you do?? Normally, it's right about there that you get this kind of comment, "alright, I did it" or "so what, maybe that did happen", or "I had no choice", etc. So only when ALL ELSE fails, do most people tell the truth.

But that is completely the wrong way of dealing with things. I was reading something a few months ago about "why" people lie. And the truth (no pun intended) is that most people lie to protect themselves. They lie because the are afraid to face the consequences of telling the truth. But you can't escape consequences. They have a funny way of finding you anyway. So stop running from them and face them. Realize that if you did something you need to suck it up and deal with what you've done. Point blank.

This idea of somehow escaping the truth is crap.

So don't wait until "all else fails"...


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  1. Im Nancy Perez Here In Dallas Tx Im From The Tribe Of GAD & I read just the title and i was like AMEN I have gone threw things in life that i CHOSE to go threw i knew my consequences frkm my actions everyone told me and warned me but i didnt listen i use to lie to my mother and family memebers lie after lie that it came to the point to me getting an anixety attack from all the pressure and guilt in my mind which made me realize i had to STOP & say the truth when i did that i took a LOAD off my shoulders and started from 0 again looking and seeking for Gods forgiveness its funny how i was at The TOP &in a matter of months i was DEEP DEEP IN A HOLE I DUG FOR MYSELF but i Thank God who gave me a second chanve and the oppertunity to have Pastor Damien to help me and i know this time im NEVER LETTING GO OF HIS HAND And im not letting nothing nor noone pull me down ANYMORE(: THANK YOU GOD & Pastor Damien