Friday, August 26, 2011

Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

Oh, how the mighty have fallen...

Is a statement that people make back where I'm from, when someone who was "on top of the world" takes a dive and has to deal with humiliation.

Now isn't that exactly what is happening to 50 Cent right now? I don't know him personally, and have no judgement about him personally. But one thing I do know, is that not so long ago, he was the talk of the music industry. It seemed every young person from U.S. to London knew who he was and flocked to the music store or iTunes to get his albums when they were released. He literally sold millions or albums over the coarse of months. And any concert would be packed out by just the mention of his name.

But what happened now? Now he is angry with his record label (Interscope) and the talk of the town is that they dropped him. For you who don't know much about the music industry, to drop someone means that the label is no longer happy with your record sells, and so they terminate the contract with you, or at least cease to invest in you.

So how could someone who sold so many albums and influenced so many people, lose the support of the same people. Maybe you would say he "hasn't lost his supporters", but I say if not, why are they not buying his stuff anymore?

My answer to that question is this, "you can only talk about the same, NEGATIVE GARBAGE for so long". After a while people will get tired of you. Sure someone else will come along with the same garbage, just cooked up differently, but people will get tired of them too, one day. The truth is that the world is cruel like that. It loves to lift you up, and then just when you think you are something, it drops you harder than ever.

So those who love to get attention and acceptance from this world will only end up disappointed in the end. That applies to many different things too. Not just to those who want to be an entertainer or something. But it applies to you who go to school and will do anything to be popular. It's not always the popular kid who succeeds. Normally the class clown is the same one that ends up 45 yrs old working at the McDonald's drive thru. Or you who work around people who are not the best example, but you talk about and do the things that the others do just to fit in. You are not having integrity. You are not standing out at all. And so you and your life will always be just average.

The pleasures of negativity do not last long. You may be able to do things wrong and gain something quickly, but sooner or later you will lose it, and embarrassment and shame will be the aftershock. And the same ones who acted like they loved you when you were on top, will be laughing at you when you go down.

If you don't believe me, just look at "Fiddy" right now.


  1. I completely agree...
    Just the other day one of the high school classmates contacted me and was so amazed at how great my life has turned out. Because his is not that great at all. It happens that he used to be the class clown. School ended for us and he applied the same character to his life. If you take a long hard look or even a small glance at his life you see it shattered and a joke of a life. It is so unfortunate but it is the path he chose.

    Every one chooses their own path....

    People who give their life to the wrong thing or the wrong type of enviroment have no other option but to end up disgraced and ashamed like that. Just take a look at other examples it is not only Fifty Cent but look at Micheal Jackson, Brittney Spares, Amy Whinehouse, Tiger Woods to name a few... You be the judge if its worth giving your entire life and soul to that crap.

  2. This is a pretty funny story. I want to see how it ends.