Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stop being a follower

This was a recent internet new article talking about Megan Fox, have a look, then read the comment below it:

Marilyn Monroe's face has slowly been fading from Megan Fox's forearm because Megan was worried the Hollywood icon's reputed struggles with mental illness might somehow bring dark energy into her own life. "It's a negative character, as [Marilyn Monroe] suffered from personality disorders and was bipolar," Megan told Italian magazine, Amica. "I do not want to attract this kind of

negative energy in my life." The Marilyn tat is going the way of a belly button ring that Megan got when she was 16 in order to emulate another troubled star. "I did it when I was 16-years-old because I was a fan of Britney Spears," she explained. "The only time I tried to imitate someone else. But then I thought it was tacky so I removed it when I turned 20."

If you try to imitate others, you will soon regret it. Either be yourself or at least imitate a good example. Many people (especially youth) these days want to be like others who are not even a good example. They want to be like the rappers, actors, sports stars, etc. That is pretty sad. Because you are trying to be like someone who is s bad example. So if you become like them, then you will also be a bad example like they are.

Be smart, be an individual instead of following the crowd. It's funny that the bible says:

"You shall not follow a crowd to do evil..." (Exodus 23:2)

Have you been following the crowd? If so, you, just like Megan Fox, will regret it.

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