Monday, October 31, 2011

Why I hate Halloween

Besides the obvious fact that it is a very wickedly themed holiday, that some way has the power to stir up devilish thoughts in peoples mind. I mean people can go from sweetheart to warlock about as quick as you can blink on Halloween day. They want to find some sort of mischief to get into, whether it be egging cars or toilet tissuing some poor lady's trees or knocking on doors and running just to irritate people, it's always something. It seems people just want to get into trouble on Halloween.

But besides that fact, there is the unimaginable amount of money spent during Halloween time. I read in an article that they sell over 1 billion pounds of candy corn each year (WHAT!) during Halloween. It is the second most lucrative holiday overall each year. So where is all the money going??? On costumes, candy, parties, etc, etc, etc. Nothing which will add one thing to your life. The only thing it will add is a stomach ache and a hangover. So why do it? Because the world says you should?

Heck no! I want no part of it. It is a waste, a waste, a waste I tell yah.

So tell the little ones to stay away from my door. There will be no treats here. If you talk to me, I might tell you, why don't you spend this time studying or exercises or reading a good book, I don't know, basically anything else constructive would do.

You won't catch me wasting my time or money. Trick or treat??? Nah, I'll pass, and you kids should also PASS my door... EVERY YEAR.


  1. Today at work people went all out with costumes, decorating desks and workstations and so on. There were mock graveyards, pumpkins, fake blood, a large hexagram, witches hats galore, vampires and the ever so popular devil costume. The working day seemed chilled out which was an advantage for me as I wasn't well enough to work constantly, but the money spent on decorations! Some people really went to town on all of this. The UK are fast emulating the Americans. And only one month until the Christmas hoo-haa starts (if they haven't started already).

  2. that's true
    and thanksgiving is my favorite holiday