Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hurt me, I'll Hurt you Back!

I don’t know why we are like this, but most people have an uncontrollable urge for revenge when they feel mistreated.

I have to admit; growing up I was the same. When someone would do something to offend me, I would immediately start to think of a way to pay them back. I wanted them to feel pain for causing me grief. But I never thought about whether or not that would make me feel better.

I have seen many people sock a person in the face for talking smack, and after it (even if they win the fight), they were still angry afterwards. So you sock a person because you are angry, but after socking them, you still feel angry… What’s the point? It didn’t help anyone.

We have a hard time letting go of things, even when we know we should. Sometimes it’s the people around you who make you feel forced to seek revenge, and other times it’s ego or embarrassment that makes the person want it. But either way, we all need to learn to let it go. Some things are just not worth holding on to. As a matter of fact, nothing bad is worth holding onto. If you pick up a pot with no gloves on and discover that the handle was extremely hot, would you keep holding it? Of course not. Even though it hurt you, you would let it go. So the same should apply to your life. Even if someone hurts you, learn to let it go.

You will be the bigger person in the end.

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  1. Pastor i completely agree with you...YES it is human ways to hold on to things(worthless things), and wanna pay back for whatever it was done or say to them...and referring back to your statement about me it would be because it hurt me that I'd immediately let it go; and the same should apply to life...because of what someone said or do which hurt us, we should let it go and not even think about it...not think about the pain it caused us because the more we think about it the more we suffer...we don't think twice before letting that hot-pot go, heck no! we let it go immediately!! so again we should definitely do the same when it comes to worthless things in life!
    Well, that's my take on that...thanks for sharing Pastor!