Monday, October 31, 2011

jay z and kanye west - No Church in the Wild ft Frank Ocean CLEAN EDIT

Below I have the lyrics to a fairly new song by Jay-Z and Kanye West. I took the liberty of highlighting some key phrases.

(Frank Ocean)Human being to the mobWhat's a mob to a king?What's a king to a god?What's a god to a non-believerWho don't be- lieve in anything?Will he make it out alive?Alright alrightNo church in the wild
(JZ)Tears on the mausoleum floorBlood stains the coli- seum doorsLies on the lips of a priestThanksgiving disguised as a feastRolling in the Rolls Royce CornicheOnly the doctors got thisI'm hiding from policeCocaine seatsAll white like I got the whole thing bleachedDrug dealer chicI'm wondering if a thug's prayers reachIs Pious pious cause God loves pious?Socrates asked whose bias do yall seekAll for Plato, screechI'm out here balling, I know yall hear my sneaksJesus was a carpenter, Yeezy laid beatsHova flow the Holy Ghost (my comments: Are you serious Jay-z, why go there. Are you comparing yourself to the Holy Spirit and Yeezy, which is Kanye West to Jesus) Get the hell up out your seatsPreach
(Frank Ocean)Human being to the mobWhat's a mob to a king?What's a king to a god?What's a god to a non-believerWho don't believe in anything?Will he make it out alive?[ From: ]Alright alrightNo church in the wild
(The-Dream)I live by you, desireI stand by you, walk through the fireYour love is my scriptureLet me into your encryption
(KW)Coke on her black skin make a stripe like a zebraI call that jungle feverYou will not control the three-someJust roll the weed up until I get me someWe formed a new religionNo sins as long as there's permission (Kanye West, are you serious... You made a song called Jesus walks and now you've formed a new religion) This garbage is not funny, it's disgusting. And deception is the only felonySo never f**k nobody without telling me
Sunglasses and AdvilLast night was ma rillSome come in at 5 A.MI wonder if they got cabs stillThinking about the girl in all leopardWho was rubbing the wood like Kiki ShepherdTwo tattoos one read No Apologies, the other said Love Is Cursed By MonogamyIt's somethin' that the pastor don't preach my comments: ("Love is cursed by monogamy") So love is cursed by monogamy, why go there. If you guys want to sleep with all kinds of girls, then go ahead, but it's stupid to teach the youth to do that.It's somethin' thata teacher can't teachWhen we die the money we can't keep, but we probably spend it all cuz the pain ain't cheap ...Preach

I'm really sick and tired of these rappers, sports stars and actors, and influential people period, injecting such a negative message to our youth. I don't care if you are christian or not. I am, though I am not a religious person.But you don't need to be a christian to understand what I am saying. It's a matter of morals. At least christianity teaches good morals, and we should all want our children living by good morals. To say "love is cursed by monogamy" is waaaayyyy tooooo far. So marriage is bad? So having sex with only one person is bad? So putting yourself at risk of disease is good? Leaving bastard children all around the world is good?

Come on! You youth who support these corrupt songs, and just bob your head to it, are very lost. These guys are teaching RIDICULOUS things and people are just accepting it.

This is not a post to christian people. It is a post to smart people. This garbage is killing the minds of the youth. Wake up.

You can listen to the song below, is you think I twisted up any of the lyrics. But the title itself speaks for itself.


  1. Yea i know its NASTY, and this is what is going into the ears of these youths, even youths in the ypg. Kanye west has many more songs , comparing himself to God.

  2. Pastor we should speak to the youths about this.I knew about these things. It would be a good event for the youths and preach awareness. Kanye West sold his soul to the devil and it was evident across his records and albums. If you listen to his latest album you see what im talking about.
    -Edgar Salazar

  3. Pastor Damien, I remember when Kanye drop the single for "Jesus walks". I was going thru pain and it lift up my spirit. But I found GOD before he started going the opposite direction. I can honestly say; He fell off and a former fan of Kanye is writing this. Kanyes and Jayz music now is like pointless. Jay-Z shoulda stay home when he supposably retired. Why come back with non sense? Pointless. One last thing for the youth. I was a former gang member/drug addict but GOD changed me. He can do the same with you just give him a chance. I promise you will never go back. Let's stay in the positive side!
    #JDO from Aurora IL. YPG

  4. I agree 100% percent with you. This is so true because all this negative music is going into the youths head !

  5. Pastor THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH for creating this post! I heard my brother listening to the new Jay Z and Kanye album the other week, talking about the church. When I went to Google some lyrics I came across the lyrics to this song and was disgusted. Especially when He is referring to the Holy Spirit.

    It seems as though a lot of people are DEAF as well as blind when it comes to this garbage. They hear all of this negativity and foolishness and they like it. They even know the words off by heart and love the lyrics. But when it comes to hearing something positive (not necesarily a direct Bible verse, but something to encourage them), they laugh it off, they find it stupid. They are willing to go through what these rappers are talking about, sometimes reaping the consequences over and over again.

    This post has made me so angry, because the youth are giving into this! Today I spoke to two young men who openly spoke about selling drugs, smoking weed, even depression and sickness yet they are not willing [yet] to give God a chance. Just ONE chance. Yet they give into the rubbish that the world is teaching them, that this kind of music is glamourizing.

    It took this to really take the Where U Goin event that we are having the UK on the 25th November SO MUCH MORE seriously! Satan has to be just as angry as I am after this event.

  6. completely true, it is discussing. I used to be one of those people who would bob my head and enjoy a song without paying attention to the lyrics. But its wrong. How can you bob your head to something like this. Its detestable. There isn't even a word existent to describe a poor excuse of a song like this. What is this???????

  7. It’s really funny how they can go on and calling this type of disturbance (music)…I can honestly say that I can care less about either Jay Z or Kanye…To me they both sucks and they are very disturbed!!! When I first read this post the youths came to my mind, and how they stay bobbing their heads to lack excuse for music as this one…So when I went home and asked my brother if he has read it and I don’t quite if he did or he said that he would read* nevertheless, what disbursed me the must if what he said to me when I told him that I thought about him and his friends when I read this post. He said, “Oh yeah, it’s true we do do that…But I don’t really pay attention to most of the songs I listen to; I just like the beat!” The BEAT he said…I turn and said to him, but either way are a filling your head with bunch of useless things that are bound to open ways to demons, you know that right? And he replied, “Yeah, I do.” Then why do it? Why allowing such a filth to enter your mind? In my brother’s case and the other youths they know the true, but why do it then? It’s amazing how much influence this world and its things have on us!!! Especially these so called “Role-model” and I mean, honestly this world is full of non-sense and disturbance!!!! These corrupted “Role-models” GOTTA GO!!!!

  8. Pastor this blog post is just too strong !
    The thing is that people do know what these rappers are saying because today in the modern society these famouse artists such as Lady Gaga, Kanye West and Jay Z they dont hide the fact that they worship the devil they show it naked in their videos and song lyrics.

    The sad thing is that the youths of today think that its right but what the christian says is wrong. What we have to do is just keep exposing them because ONE DAY they will open their eyes and see the truth.

    In London,Peckham we did a truth behind hiphop sunday and thay day the church was packed with youths fresh youths and God did open the eyes of most of them and today they are here.

  9. Music nowdays is the "thing" everywere i go i hear rappers singing dump songs about sex and girls and there bodies and all and etc. And its getting very old. Youths are so influenced by all these singers and the music, the beat of it they dont realise what the reall mening of the music is.
    I get so tired of hearing this music and sometimes ask why? why do they hear that music but they say they like the beat and all. And its like thereminds are being brainwashed byt the devil himself threw this nasty music.