Friday, June 22, 2012

A Lesson from LeBron James.

Hi Guys,

I'm not writing this blog post because I am a Miami Heat supporter (though I am). But because of something that I thought about after watching this years NBA Finals.

As I was watching the Finals, I remembered last year (when I also had a chance to watch them) and the difference in the attitudes. Last year D-Wade, Bosh and especially LeBron seemed more arrogant. As he said in his own words "I thought I had to prove something...". And when you come out and play with that attitude, you lose. Because arrogance gets you nowhere. They were like a bunch of high school jocks who wanted to impress the school.

But this time was different. If you notice, each game he had a serious look in his face, he seemed focused, not overly confident, not full of himself, not much show-boating, just pure focus. Focus on one goal, one objective, to WIN. And they got it done!

Now my point to all of you is this. Sometimes in life, we need to learn hard lessons. We need to lose, or go through disappointment in order to bounce back. It adds character to us (if we let it). Sometimes we need to be broken in order to be built up again. And that is what happened with the stars of the Miami Heat. They were broken last year, and they bounced back and rebuilt. That is what you must do it life.

Don't let a bad attitude destroy you. Don't let pride consume you. Don't let rudeness be your way. Be focused on your dream, but leave the celebration for AFTER you have achieved the ultimate goal. Until then, stay quiet. And the victory will be all the more sweet.

(I will write more on this subject on my next post)


  1. Yeah you are right Pastor Damien, I will get on that man! GOD BLESS! Thanks for sharing!


    Danny Martinez