Monday, July 23, 2012

Check you, before you check me

Something I have never liked and I try to avoid doing myself, is judging others about things that I still do.

What I mean is, no one is perfect. And that is no excuse to be horrible, but we need to stop acting like we are better than people. We are not better than anyone else. You are you, and they are who they are. So don't allow a desire to help someone, turn into an opportunity to criticize or judge.

And even if you are going to tell someone they need to fix something... make sure that you have fixed it yourself or at least are in the process of fixing it.

I just honestly think people need to check themselves before checking others. That is the only way things will work out right. And even if you are doing well, then there is no need to smear it in anyones face. Just be happy that you are doing ok and move on. Keep doing good. But let us learn to treat each other with fairness and care. And never stop being willing to help another get better. Just do it the right way.


  1. Pastor Damien, you are right! This has happened to me many times and have been working on this myself because if we are not checking ourselves it is like we are preaching and not doing what we say or others to do. Thanks Pastor Damien for sharing this with me and everyone! This is True and I will work on this! GOD BLESS you Pastor Damien Jackson and all of you!

    ---Danny Martinez (YPG Shepherd, from Houston, TX)

  2. That's true, most of the time we judge and try to make ourselfs look better than the others when we are worse as they are. Thank you for Sharing this. This has opened my eyes to see what I need to improve.

    -Dallas Bryan

  3. That's right! we need to fix our lives first! i will work on this... thanx