Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Practice makes perfect

Today I was watching some young people practice for a play that they will perform on Sunday. And as I watched I began to think, they have been doing this for one month already, every other day or so, coming to practice for this play.. and it still needs a little work.

That is interesting, because in life we normally want everything fast. We don't like to wait or work hard for anything. But we need to. To get the best out of something, it may take time. You may have to wait and go through the course of fighting for it for a while.

Any sports team will tell you that. They practice day after day, doing drill after drill, just to make sure that it comes natural to them (whatever they need to improve on).

And what about the rest of us average people? Shouldn't we practice the things that will help us better ourselves time and time again. I think so.


  1. yes, let's not be lazy :D and fight for what we want!!! well... i will :)

  2. It's true we can't just wait around for things to happen on its own but we need to work hard for what we ant. Interesting topic.