Friday, July 27, 2012

Just Calm Down

You see this picture... Look at this child for a moment... Does this baby look stressed or worried???

No way. This child looks at peace. Oh, if us bigger people could learn to have the same peace throughout our busy lives.

I have a word of advice for you today. Some days are going to be hectic and full of obligations to fulfill, deadlines to meet, school work to turn it, etc. And on those days it feels like there just isn't enough hours in the day. But in spite of the busy rat-race called life that we live in, we need to learn to calm down.

Stressing yourself out is not going to solve things any quicker.

So when there are 1,000 things to do and 5 minutes to do them (or so it seems), just take a deep breath, calm down and think... "What do I need to do first"? "What is the priority (meaning it CAN NOT go undone)"? And do that. You can not fix the whole world in one minute. So focus on what you can do.

Now this is very important... What about if you don't finish everything today?


That's what tomorrow is for.


  1. this very true you let everything stress you

  2. yes, very true
    sometimes we don't get anything done at all because, either we don't think and figure out what to start with or you just let stress bring you down and at the end of the day... you don't get anything done!
    Thanx for the advice, this is the wisest way to go about it!!!

  3. That's a very important advice, the stress is also bad for the health. Nowadays a lot of people suffers of heart diseases because of stress, so now in front of an issue i will remember of this post.

  4. So true. I have done this and when i freak out, i get nothing done and end up fustraded.
    Mich. Salazar