Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Brazil has been great...

Here is another video with some updates on how things are going over here in Brazil. To write everything out would take too long, so I decided to do a video. Check it out and leave your comments.


  1. Hi Pastor Damien,

    I'm still accompanying your trip in Brazil and loving the fact that you are able to reach out to so many. God bless you in Bahia.

  2. Pastor Damien it is great to hear that GOD through you is reaching out to so many youths and all those people, THANK GOD Pastor Damien man! Continue the Fight man and we will continue to have you and the Mrs. and you all for these events in Prayer for you all, MAY GOD continue Blessing you, the Mrs. and you all go and by hearing your story that GOD touch all of those youths and all of those people so that they can all be saved and give their whole lives and their all to GOD, I determine and declare this victory and believe that GOD will touch all of those youths and people and they will be saved and give their all and surrender their all to GOD IN JESUS NAME, AMEN. Thanks for the encouragement also Pastor Damien also, man I needed that man! GOD BLESS man!You are right, we should not fear change and what GOD might have in store for us, but be ready for whatever comes because HE is with us! Thanks! GOD BLESS! Shea, you already know cuz! BECAUSE YOU ARE STRONG!!!

    ---Danny Martinez


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  5. Hello Pastor Damien looks very ... God bless this work that Mr.'re doing, is simply wonderful, surely through your testimony very young are being saved, thank God! I was in a meeting that made ​​Mr. here in Rio de Janeiro in the Cathedral, and it was great! I got the book'' dead'' and shoulda Been'm reading every day, Wow ... what a story, what a testimony ... I am the universal Church since I was born, my brother is a pastor too, but ... but God continue to bless Mr. and his wife, I wanted to have a photo taken with Mr. and his wife, but body will have other opportunities! Mr. will always be welcome here in Brazil, a big hug!!