Monday, August 6, 2012

Take your own advice.

First of all... DO NOT follow the above example!

Now with that being said... I was thinking about my last post (Just Calm Down) today, and I had an opportunity to apply my own advice.

I was here preparing for a trip out of the country and suddenly I realized how many things need to get done before I go. But the catch is that I only have a day left before I travel. So I had two choices:

A) freak out and go into a frenzy trying to fix everything at once

B) Calm down and do one thing at a time

Thankfully I chose option B. I calmed down, and focused on one thing at a time. And funny enough, I got many more things done that I thought I would. Including finding time to write this blog.

So take my word on this one. You can take control of your life and your day and see great things happen. Just do it.

P.S. I know this wasn't really about taking your own advice, but I took my own, so you should get the point. What you tell others to do, make sure you do it too.


  1. Understood... Very True lets make sure we practice the GOOD advice we give to others.

  2. Very true. Thats the problem though. People give great advice but when they are in a situation they totally ignore these advice that came out their own mouth
    Mich salazar

  3. I think that is true we stop listening to the bad insted we should practice the good

  4. This is very interesting I never knew about it but its a strong message.