Friday, August 31, 2012

DO you believe you can?????

What's your biggest limitation? 
What's your biggest fear?
What's the biggest threat that you face?
What's the scariest thing you know?

It's not death,
or tragedy. 

The most disastrous force that exist, outside of evil itself
is a subtle enemy called DOUBT. 

Whether it's doubt about God or doubt about self,
it distracts, paralyzes and kills dreams and dreamers. 

So watch out!

Do you believe you can do something?
Do you have faith that God is with you?
Are you ready to fight and pay the price for what you want?

So go ahead, dive in. 
The mountain doesn't look so big from the top. 


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  2. Muito forte isto. É verdade se eu tenho certeza, para que eu vou parar me distrair. Não, eu tenho que estar sempre no primeiro grupo os que são focados.