Friday, September 23, 2011

Inspirational Video #4- How Great I am!

First of all, sorry to everyone who looked at the blog yesterday, and found no new video. I will make it up to you all, by doing one more day of inspirational videos. I will continue through Sunday.

Each one of us has to find that inner strength to keep going no matter how hard life gets. We also need to see how great we can be. What I mean is, we need to be able to recognize our potential. We can accomplish so much. We can overcome anything, but we have to believe in ourselves.

This week, I have dedicated every blog to encouraging you to believe in yourself more. You have to look at everything that comes your way as a stepping stone to help you reach higher. And one of the most important things is faith. Faith means to believe in what you haven't seen yet. So you need to have faith that you can accomplish great things. That you can get that position that you are starving for, that you can graduate with honors, that you can be that rocket scientist, that you can even be a sports star of actor (if you will use it for good and not for evil). You need to have faith (confidence) that your life will become what you WANT it to be, not just what PEOPLE SAID it can be.

If you struggle with having this kind of faith, then ask for help from God. All sorts of people in the world conquer without even believing in God. But those who receive strength from Him, never lose that strength. He gives them a continuos fountain of strength and confidence to drink from whenever they need. It's like Gatorade for an athlete. It keeps you going.

So from to day, stop thinking about what others have told you, and start looking at how great you can be.

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