Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Don't Sugar-Coat it...

I don't know about all of you who read this, but I know about me...

When someone has something to say to me, I would rather they say it straight, just like it is, than to beat around the bush. I know it doesn't feel good to hear things raw and uncut, but it is far better than someone trying to smile in your face, whilst feeling something in their heart.

That just doesn't make sense.

And worst than holding it in, is to sugar-coat it so that it sounds softer or easier to swallow. I can't stand that! If you have a problem, just say it already. Don't act like it is smaller than what it really felt like to you. I may not like or agree with what you are saying, but I want to know that that is how you feel.

And a real man or woman is like this; they don't look for the softest way out. They are strong enough to take the punch and keep their head up. I believe this is the best type of person to deal with. The one that will give you the truth, even when it hurts, and mean the absolute best by doing it.

You just need to be tough enough to take it. So you who are reading this, should stop being soft and sensitive and grow some thicker skin. Take what is dished out and deal with it. You will become stronger and better by doing that.


  1. Especially when the person keeps on commiting the same mistakes ... I rather have a person that's blunt the a smooth talker a person that is blunt is a true friend and wana see the diffrence ... the UCKG is a blunt church cause we dont hold back our tongues not even for second ... be real not a softie

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  3. Yeah Pastor Damien man I am tired of sweet coating everything. See before I finally established that Relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ and gave my whole life to GOD man, at church as a catholic they would sweet coat everything and was not told the entire Truth, people would be sweet coating things when they spoke to me, and just being fake. I am tired of allowing people to continue to die and me sweet coating things, nah man, I cannot be doing that. Thanks pastor man for letting me know whats up, I THANK GOD for using you to let me know whats up! GOD BLESS cuz!!!