Friday, December 2, 2011

You may live to regret it...

I read this statement not too long ago which said, "never regret anything, because an one point, that was exactly what you wanted".

The second part is true, whatever you end up regretting later, is something that at one point you choose to do. Or else you choose to do something else that lead to what happened. So we can't blame anyone for the bad things that happen, because we knew the risks involved, before getting involved.

But that's not the point of this blog post. I was thinking, so many times we make poor decisions and then regret them later. But it's as if in the moment it seems to make so much sense to do. In the moment, we are blind to everything we will lose if we make that choice. In the moment it's like there is this evil voice in our head saying "do it, do it, do it"! And we tend to listen to that voice and not think about the consequences.

Then you know what happens later? We feel like crap, and we totally regret what we did.

It happens to the girl who slept with a guy on the first date. It happens to the guy who got so drunk at the party that he took his clothes off or did something else that totally made him look like an idiot. It happens to the youth that yells back at the mom and ends up grounded. It happens to the person who lies and then realizes that there is no way that that lie will stay secret. It happens to the person who was going down the right track in life and slowly starts to drift and follow bad examples, until the point where he or she does something irreparable. And the list goes on and on and on.

Thousands of people are living with regrets. And why? Because they don't take enough time to think about the consequences of there actions. They are living in the here and now, instead of thinking about the morning after. So, they ruin their life.

You and I both need to learn to think first, then act second.
If we don't...
We may live to regret it.


  1. So true Pastor. I have made many bad decisions which at first seemed like the right thing to do, but letter on turned out it wasn't and I have had to bear the consequences. Only the grace of God that has given me the strength to endure and turns things around.

  2. this is so true Pastor Damien I mad some bad chooses in my life that I wish I could take back and do over but no that go to church and believe in GOD. I know I'll do just fine with him on my side

    sincerly olivia chacon

  3. Pastor Damien, how are you doing? This is Danny man. See I still remember my mom when she told me the day I was taken to juvenile for taking brass knuckles before I got off the truck and went on to school, "Danny, don't take anything to school that will get you in trouble!" and of course I responded, "Okay mom, I won't! gave here a kiss and left the truck," but I had the brass knuckles in my backpack (lol..what a dummy man). So because of this, the Vice Principal had an opportunity to not call the cops and give me an opportunity, but it was a major offense he said, so there in the 5th Grade was taken to jail, I believe a week or two before my birthday, and my mom had bought me two nice pair of shoes and for my birthday was going to make me a party where I would get lots of gifts. See I used to regret this, but this is what I needed Pastor Damien. I seen the inside of jail and since that day I never wanted to step foot in a cell ever again because I wanted to really change. From their on, I knew I had to change or my life would really go even more downhill where I would either end up living there in jail, on the streets, or six feet under. Yeah Pastor Damien, so we should not regret what we did because we already did, but Establish a Relationship with GOD and give our entire life to The Lord Jesus Christ and ask for Forgiveness of our sins and not allow our regrets to end up killing us physically and spiritually cuz like I was doing before I finally gave my life to GOD and MOST IMPORTANTLY JUST AS YOU SAID, THINK BEFORE WE ACT! This is could have not happened if I would have taken out those brass knuckles out of my backpack or just not have taken or touch them at all. See, but wanted to be COOL AND SOMEONE THAT I AM NOT, I TOOK THEM!