Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Watch Out!

I have a word of simple advise for everyone today.

This advise, we all need to take, including myself.

Learn to watch out!

I mean, learn to watch yourself and others.

If you see danger coming, don't ignore it, watch out and avoid it. It's like if I am driving down the highway and I see a car swerving lane from lane, I need to immediately watch out, because he may be dangerous. I can't simply keep driving normal as if nothing will happen. I need to take extra caution.

The same is with life. If you see danger coming, then take extra caution. If you see you are about to make a big mistake or could possibly be heading in the wrong direction, don't just ignore the signs, watch out! If you see someone around you is untrustworthy, don't play it off as if it is not true, watch out!

Learn to keep your eyes open, before it's too late.

It only takes a minute for disaster to strike, so WATCH OUT!


  1. watching out is the most important part in hedng in the right path. You can pray all you want but if you dont keep ur eyes opne .. one little .. tinny thing can destroy everything you worked so had for.
    The devil is wise but we have to be wiSERR!!
    We have ot be a step ahead of his plans and always watching out .
    Thanyou this is what ill meditate for the rest of the day.. so true!!!

  2. hey pastor damien that is a strong message