Monday, March 5, 2012

Face IT!!!

Look at the picture above... What do you think?

"That's crazy!", "Oh, I would never do that", "How could she not be afraid", etc.

You know, the funny thing about children is that they have not yet been contaminated with the disease called fear.

As you get older, even little risks or dangers seem to paralyze you at times when you need to take action. But why be afraid of a challenge? Fear will never decrease the size of the challenge, it will only make it look scarier.

So remember this, when there is something big and scary approaching you (be it a big decision, change of environment, starting over again, leaving friends behind, etc), the best thing you can do is FACE IT. And face it quick. What you may discover, is that the bark was a lot bigger than the bite. Meaning, it looked much worst than it was.


  1. I see in this picture purity, innocence. This little girl did not major any risks and consequences due to her innocence. That ios why God says in his word that "the children is the kingdom of God" Amen

  2. Yes!
    Face It, in not we will not even know what we worth or can do.
    Take it by force, its either all or nothing, that's why the bible mention we should be as little children cause there pure.

  3. when we believe with all our hearts we can connquer anything and everything.Mmakoto

  4. Its true we have to face it just like the little girl did. It's brave of her just as she did it we can also do it. Thanks for the post :-)

  5. Ibeth Briseno-SanchezMarch 16, 2012 at 5:21 PM

    Es verdad que deberíamos enfrentar nuestros problemas tenemos que ser fuertes y victoriosos y no podemos dejar el miedo o las dudas entrar a nuestros corazones porque nuestro corazón es para dios y solo el lo puedo ocupar y el siempre estará a nuestro lado.