Monday, March 26, 2012


Sometimes it feels like all you can say is... wow.

You get a piece of news that is a shocker and you can't believe it, or someone you trusted betrays you, or someone you least expected turns there back on you, what can you say? Really, how do you respond? You may have the desire to go a rip their head off, but that won't fix it. You have to take a long sigh and just let it go. Those are the wow moments.

I'm not talking about the good wow moments. The "wooowww, I can't believe something that great just happened to me". I am talking about those moments when life just clabbered you over the head and you don't really have a fitting response. Really, no response would be quit good enough anyway. So all you can do is breath. Just let it go. Just say to yourself, "wow, I didn't expect that". Then shake it off and get back into the fight. The fight for your dreams, goals, beliefs, etc. to become a reality.

Don't let everything that happens drag you down. If it's one of those negative "wow" moments, then fine. Just get out your "wow", accept reality that YES it DID happen, and carry on. You have to just keep on ticking no matter what.


  1. I totally agree, Pastor. If it went wrong, or something totally screwed up, of course it'll cause a shock, but then we have to move on instead of dwelling on it. Moping around and crying over it certainly won't change it. In fact, the only thing it will do is distract us from another opportunity that could be right around the corner.

  2. Really hard not to react but it's better than doing something you will regret later. You're right, shake it off and move on fighting with your goals and dreams and beliefs. I learned a lesson again. Thanks pastor for this message. God bless you more.

    1. This message really causes one to think! Moments like this occurred in my life for many years til recently. My greatest fights were for my family and for my finances. I was deceived for more than 20 years. I now understand how Satan tempts us. For many years I lost this fight because I spent money the wrong way, I said things I regret to family members and friends. Now my finances are increasing. My family situation is not perfect but I am handling family situations that arise with spiritual intellect rather than with emotional intellect. the results differ tremendously. Thanks for writing this

  3. Very helpful and it is true that we should just shake off and keep on moving forward

  4. great message pastor,
    i learned not to waste time and act upon troubles that i will face, i need to move on and work towards change.
    i can't let things drag me down