Monday, March 12, 2012

Let's keep it moving.

No matter what problems you face, or how hard it is to get to your goal. Just keep moving forward. Don't stop, don't hesitate, just keep going forward.

When things try to get in your way, just keep it moving.


  1. Your right,if we dont keep moving or going forward we stay there like that man stay on the donkey not moving and waiting something to happen...the more we think and complain about it,we are not going anywhere.

  2. I can say that is true.We have to keep on pushing until we get to where we want to be.Rome was not built in a day, same applies to us we must continue building our dreams and to fight a good fight. MORUDU MORUDU

  3. Carla do cf ri
    there's so much to do in ones daily schedule.if I look at everything in a mon.I would get stressed so I try to focus day to day and wk to wk. Now tha I have an assistant I can now look mon to mon.there r many obstacles but I focus on my todays to do list n the holy sprit to guide me. I keep pushin the blouder n god is my eyes n direction.I will get to where he want me to b.