Friday, March 16, 2012

You Choose.

Being funny, or the class clown, or the joker of the neighborhood can only take you so far. One day you have to wake up to see life is serious and your choices DO have consequences.

So either learn the easy way (from others mistakes or advice) or the hard way (through you suffering). But one way or the other, you will have to learn.


  1. Among my circle of friends..I was the funiest,the easy go lucky person..but when I'm alone reality would hit me..I was lonely,depress and life was a complete mess..until reality tells me that I've got to do something about it..those were now history..and yes I had learned the hardway but no regret because it makes me the person I am today..I use my past experience to help people who are of the same situation as I used to..true one way or the other we have to learn.

  2. I agree.I believe that when we get an advice we should take it and not wait to suffer because we receive it for a reason.

  3. This is so true, one way or another REALITY HITS! And we can learn sooooo much from other's mistakes and sadly that's not enough sometimes. Sometimes, we still want to "test the waters" for ourselves. How much we can save ourselves from just by not repeating OTHER'S mistakes. My advice is the same: LEARN FROM OTHERS...IT'S GOING TO SAVE YOU A LOT OF TEARS AND TIME later, tomorrow, next week, month, ten years, even at death!...sorry to sound so harsh, but reality isn't going to be EASY on you either!

  4. I agree as well!

  5. True... we must understand the importance of being individuals who take control of our own lives. Many of us younger ppl have the tendency to just relax and lagg. We think that everything is easy and take a long time to make serious decisions with our lives. That is why we commonly see many youth who are old enough to be independent, never have the courage to take control of their lives and so they just depend on others to live, usually its the parents.

    1. This is true Pr. In the bible it saya that there is a time for everything and we need too learn the right timing of things.

      Thank you, God bless