Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Big Apple... Here I come.

So this coming week I will be visiting New York City, New Jersey and Philadelphia on a book tour and I will hold a bunch of assemblies at schools in these cities. Below is the schedule. But I will also be holding two events for the general public on Friday and Saturday. At the bottom you will see those events (at the bottom underneath them it is written in blue that they are for the general public). Hope to see you at one of the events.

SCHEDULE for next weeks NY, NJ & Philly Trip

Monday: April 16 - Brooklyn NY.

*School for Human Rights 8:30am

600 Kingston Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11203

*Bedford Stuyvesant Preparatory High School 10:30am832 Marcy Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11216

*Bushwich Community High School 1:00pm

231 Palmetto Street, Brooklyn, NY 11221

*Rachel Carson High School 2:30pm

521 West Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11224

Tuesday: April 17 - New Jersey

*East Side High School 8:30am

238 Van Buren St Newark, NJ 07105

*Shabazz High School 11:00am

80 Johnson Ave. Newark, NJ 07108

*Technology High School 1:30pm

*Barringer High School 3pm

90 Parker St Newark, NJ 07104

Wednesday: April 18 - Bronx

*Metropolitan High School 10:30am

1180 Rev. James A polite Ave. Bronx, NY 10459

*Peace and Diversity High School 12:15pm

1180 Rev. James A. Polite Ave. Bronx, NY 10459

*Bronx academy of health careers 1:45pm

Thursday: April 19 - Philadelphia

*Robert Vaux High School 9:00am

2300 West Master St. Philadelphia, PA 19121

*Overbrook High School 11:30am

5898 Lancaster Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19131

Friday: April 20 Brooklyn & New Jersey Vigil

*Foundations High School 9:30am

70 Tompkins Ave, Brooklyn, NY.

*Central High School 3:00pm

246 18th Ave. Newark, NJ 07102

*Newark YPG headquarters 10:00pm

‘Shoulda been dead night event’

(Event open for general public)

Saturday: April 21 Brooklyn Block Event 2pm

* Venue: “Open Air” Brooklyn- Fulton St. (Between Classon Ave. & Franklin Ave.)

(Event open to general public)

After that, I'm headed back home to Dallas.

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