Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I can't get my head around this...

This morning I was checking my emails and I stumbled across a story on yahoo about a woman who had a heart attack after eating a burger called a "double bypass" at a restaurant called The "HEART ATTACK" Grill, that has a sign on the front of the door saying "our food is bad for your health".

Now honestly, my heart (no pun intended) goes out to the women. I wish that on no one. But shouldn't you take a hint from the name of the restaurant, or if not that the name of the burger itself, and if not that, the warning sign on the door.

But my blog is not about this woman. May she recover quickly. But in life I find that this kind of thing happens many times. For example the cigarette packs in the picture above... It clearly says "smoking kills", yet does that stop people from burning up their money on them? No. It's like you are paying to kill yourself! That is ridiculous. And by the way, I am an ex-smoker so I have the right to speak on it.

I just think people need to think more. Don't just think about the pleasure that thing will give you, but think about the consequence. Think about how much that may cost you, and it may curve the desire for it.

I guess I am no one to force you to do anything. But you do have a choice. And in the case of cigarettes, if you don't want to listen..... you could always wait until you end up like this (below).


  1. And just like you said we have a choice. I know many people that smoke ND I DON'T UNDERSTAND. But all they like is the pleaser and the feeling. But still they know what they are doing to themselves but only they can make the choice to stop. . I really like your blog thanyou it really helpes.
    Triana Saucedo

  2. I smoked from the age of 11 to 21 and I see now that it began as peer pressure then an addiction. 12yrs free now and you do have a choice!