Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Don't end up like this... Part 2

I've been wondering for the last few days, why this post titled "Don't end up like this..." gathered so much attention, and so fast.

I mean, I posted it around 5 or 6pm and within a hour or so it had over 250 views. I was very surprised. But what is it about that post that caused so much stir? Is is the gruesome picture? Is it the message that hit a nerve? Was it both? Or is it that bad news (bad pictures, words, songs, etc.) spreads quickly. I am aware that the picture is pretty unnerving, but I think it's more of the reality that someone can really get messed up THAT BAD from something that happened to them. Maybe even because of something they did.

The truth of the matter is, you could end up like that guy. As horrible as the thought may be. The actions you make everyday do have consequences, and sometimes they wind up being very severe. Just the sheer look of the guys face makes you feel chills down your back. But imagine if that was someone you knew or if you were looking yourself in the mirror all messed up like that...

Dear friends, I am always saying this, but some of you still don't listen. Life is not a game or a joke. It is serious. There is a reaction to every action. There is a consequence to every decision. There is a flip side to every coin. Please for the love of all that's good, be careful and recognize that if you are not careful with your choices, you too, could end up like "this (below)"... Or maybe even worst!

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  1. Comme on nous le dit souvent chaque actions que nous faisons ou chaque décision que nous prenons il faudra assumer les conséquences plus tard!!! J'aime beaucoup la phrase que vous avez écrit :
    La vie n'est pas un jeu ou une plaisanterie. Il est grave. Il est une réaction à chaque action. Il ya une conséquence à chaque décision. Il ya un revers à chaque médaille.
    je pense que c'est a nous seul revient la décision de bien agir ou tout le contraire c'est pour cela nous devons toujours mettre la volonté de notre chaire a coté afin de bien agir!