Monday, April 9, 2012

Are You Just Gonna Stand There And Take That ???

This blog is about cooking, but I think this one has a good point for life.

"Stop being lazy, with finding the solutions to your problem whether it be in the kitchen, your health, finances, family or any area. Look for the answer,I believe it is right in front of you. Find it, recognize it and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT."

The line above is very true. That is the reason I reposted this blog. Not everything it talks about can I relate to. I mean, I know how to cook a bit, but I'm not the kind of guy who is just going to spend all day in the kitchen trying new recipes. But this line about Stop being lazy is sooooo important!

Laziness is like a cancer to your life. It kills you little by little. You spend half the day in bed, you are not productive. You hesitate to get things done. You are a procrastinator. You never 'feel like" doing what you need to, and so you don't.

There is no excuse to be that way. We have to get things done, period. We have to be active and go after things. Life is not going to bring everything to you and lay it at your feet. Sometimes it will take a lot of effort, sometimes it will take sweat and blood and sheer will to achieve something. So be willing to put it in. And yes that applies to whether you are cooking, at school, looking for a job, maintaining a relationship or anything else for that matter. You need will and determination.

So you can check out this blog post below if you want. And if you are in need of cooking advice... You can find some recipes on it too whilst you're at it.

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  1. We must be courageous and find a solution to our problems. Nothing good comes easy, so we must have the spirit of a conqueror. Even if there are many obstacles in the way, we must keep fighting. Asking God to give us strength and wisdom to get through.

    Thank you for this message Pastor.

  2. That's true,I really need to change that. THANKS! for the blog this really help me alot.