Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christian Rapper responds to "No Church in the Wild" by Jay Z and Kanye West

Christian Rapper responds to "No Church in the Wild" by Jay Z and Kanye West

Below you will find a song that a Christian artist named Bizzle wrote in response to the No Church in the Wild song by Jay Z and Kanye West. The song is at the bottom, and the lyrics are at the top. So if you have a hard time understanding it, then push play and scroll back to the top to read along. Skip the writing in red, then come back and read it at the end.

As a lot of ya'll know, I used to rap and deal with the music industry. I did it for years. And I love music. But when I listen, I listen to more than just the beat. I listen to what they are saying. So I took the liberty of including the lyrics and breaking down some of the street lingo that he uses to explain his point. The notes in red are my explanations of what he is saying. Leave your comments at the end. Some of the things he says will really make you think...

Verse 1:

I don’t need the beat, I can murder ya’ll loose. Knock your tops off like convertible coupes. One claims to be the God (Jay Z called himself Jay-Hova in other words Jehovah), one used to be with God(Kanye Wes). Get the VCR, I’ma rewind it back, so you see it all.

Ye (Ye is short for Kanye) makes Jesus Walk and spits conscious (he did a song back in the days called Jesus Walks that was halfway positive), then he takes Jesus off and did Monster (after that Ye made a song called Monster that was completely the opposite of Jesus walks). Seems in between it all, he lost moms and, when he lost moms he turned against the Father (after Ye's mom died, he changed). And my hearts filled with compassion, from the ills of her passing, but I feel like I still have to mash him. I’m a draft pick for the team you traded on. My life was saved by the Christ ya’ll hating on.

They can’t compete with truth and they know it. Murder your style, bury it down in Franks Ocean.

Ye said he sold his soul, you ain’t believe it, cause you ain’t close enough to Jesus for you to see it. But if he said the same things about your momma that he said about Christ you would go Osama (if Ye said the same thing about your momma that he says about Jesus you would want to blow something up like Bin Laden did)!

So is Christ more like the homie you would die for, or the dude your cool with, but wouldn’t ride for (ride for, means stand up for, fight for, give your life for)?

As for the Christians, how could you listen, to these cats diss the Gospel? When your mission is to push it, like the Apostle Paul went to prison. You scared now; you’ll fall under hostile conditions (he's saying, many people don't want to stand up for Jesus, because they are scared things will get hard for them if they do).

Back to the lecture at hand, who this, cat that sold the Lord out like Judas. Dreamed he could buy his way into heaven, woke up and spent it on a necklace, told God he’d be back in a second (this is something Ye said in one of his rap verses).

Them were his words, not mine. I wasn’t saved then, so I didn’t see the signs. You with satan, fine. But don’t play with God, or the fans. Keep it 100% so they can pick sides.

Verse 2:

They like, who am I to mention Jays (Jay is obviously Jay Z) name, because of Jays bread, because of Jays fame. But if raps the reason you put him on a pedestal, then my last record should’ve shown he was eatable. Ya’ll must got such low self esteem, studded off so much my cats in this game (he's saying, you must have low self esteem, to follow and be so impressed by these rappers that are out there). Like “look at my house, look at my Range (Range Rover SUV), look at you struggling, I can make it rain. Look at my ice, look at my women, look at my life, you are not living (he's saying, this is all these rappers talk about).” You the one that put them on the throne, they sit on. Just for you to look up and get spit on. Socially I am on the same level you on, so if you feel he’s to big and I’m to small to mention his name, if I’m not worthy, you obviously must not feel that you are (he's saying if people don't think he should talk about Jay Z, because Jay Z is so rich, then people obviously don't feel worthy themselves).

Jigga (Jay Z) blasphemed from the get go, this ain’t nothing new, but it’s bout to get old. They say, let him believe in what he wants to believe in. He does not have to believe in your Jesus. True. But why would he just spit rhyme after rhyme about a God he does not believe in. The problem is not with him not believing, why does he keep mentioning what I believe in.

And folks so blinded, I can see what the problem is, compared to most cats Jay sounds positive. So when he gets on Monster and says he rapes women and children, yall don’t even acknowledge it. Counterfeit kingdom, what throne are you on. Big and Pac died, hip hop ain’t you Shawn. You a left over, named yourself Hova, you are not the best in it, you’re just older.

So ask yourself, do ya’ll have a price? If he came out and said F ya’ll Christ, then came to your hood tomorrow night, giving Beamers (BMW's) away, would he be alright?

They saying if you scared go to church, like we just over here sitting scared in the church. Ever last disciples blood shed and was murked, so I signed up for this prepared for the worst.


  1. "And my hearts filled with compassion, from the ills of her passing, but I feel like I still have to mash him. I’m a draft pick for the team you traded on. My life was saved by the Christ ya’ll hating on."
    Favorite line... But its crazy how ppl change tremendously and decide to go down the wrong path and ppl... and i cant believe ppl actually listen to Jay- Z and Kanye and follow them...thats sad
    --> Rosa V.

  2. This is so sad... I know people that are so closed to me and they like Jay-Z and Kanye West...i usually talk to them about the lyrics of the song they listen from them, but they think i am crazy...and it makes me feel so sad, not beacause they think i am crazy but because of their souls...they are just filling themselves with so much death and they don't even care about it... that is very painful.
    ----Olga Obiang.