Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'm a thug! I'm a killer! I'm a gangster! I'm..... (Part 2)

Why is this image so cool?

How can this seem funny or alright to glorify?
Why did this have to end this way?

These images are hard to deal with. I don't understand, why people promote this stuff as being cool. You look at the media, the rappers, some sports stars, many so called role models, and what do you see? You see an image of a thug. They want you to look at them as being the toughest guys on the earth. And the funny thing is, a lot of them have never even lived this kind of life. And even if they have, they are surely not living it now in their mansions and sports cars (if they are still living it, then they are just plain stupid). But you and me know, that most of them are far from living that life.

So then, why make it seem so cool and exciting? Why make it look so appealing to the youth? Why not warn them of the dark and ugly side of that life style? I don't get it. When I see pictures like the ones above, they upset me. Not in a "feel sad" kind of way, but in an "angry as heck" kind of way.

I lived on the block hustling for years, but it wasn't fun, it was stressful. I sold drugs, because I felt I had no other way. But I didn't want someone to agree with it, I wanted to be told that there was a better way. I fought, I robbed, I did dirt. But my conscience always told me it was wrong. Now why on earth are the role models of our time, not telling the youth that the risk is not worth the gain?

I get so sick of hearing every song on the radio talking about how many girls they've had sex with, but not informing youth about the risk of catching a disease or conceiving a bastard child, who will probably grow up between two parents who can't stand each other, and end up making the same mistakes as them. And the cycle goes on. They sing or rap about being a killer, but never inform the youth that a killer can get killed too, and that it would be far better to save a life than to take one. They talk about selling dope to make money and how they made it from the crack game, but not about how many of their partners never made it out the game. They ended up with 20yrs in prison. I get sick of this.

If they won't tell you, I will. In my upcoming blogs, I will expose more and more as it comes to mind. I will not hold back nor bite my tongue. Someone has to expose this garbage. If you agree than pass this blog onto someone you know, and tell them to become a follower of the blog to get the info straight. You can register to receive emails straight to you as well. But something has to be done.

Stop following these stupid messages and start thinking straight.


  1. So true it's sickening both the images and truth behind people putting themselves in the situation to end up this way.

  2. WoW....this is real!!! both the pictures and the message behind this. Its just crazy how people turn to this way of life and think it "Cool"
    --Rosa V.