Friday, November 25, 2011

Should I, or should I not

Our lives are full of questions...

One of the main questions is that annoying one that is constantly coming into our minds. Which one is it? My blog title says it all... "should I, or should I not".

It's the question that comes to mind when it is decision time. It's the question that stands between us and a horrible choice. It's the question that saves many from utter destruction as well. Because the ability to say "yes I should" or "no I shouldn't", leads to the ability to do what you should and not do what you shouldn't.

It's all about changing how you think. If you know something is wrong, but you like doing it... you probably won't stop doing it. But if you are doing something wrong and you constantly tell yourself, I shouldn't be doing this; chances are you will soon get tired of telling yourself how wrong it is, and decide not to do it.

I know it will not always work like a charm, but it is the start to a change. You have to recognize something is wrong for you, before you will be willing to work on removing it from your life.

That's just some food for thought.

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