Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Impatience- we all wrestle with it

I don't know about you, but when I want something, I want it right then!
I hate waiting. Especially in store lines and in traffic.

But if you think about it, isn't that the way most people are? I can't name anybody off the top of my head, who just loves waiting. If you need money, you want it as quickly as possible. If you want to lose weight, you want it as fast as can be. If you need a degree or to take some classes, you want to know the shortest possible way to get it. This is life. Even in a relationship; these days people want to go as "far" as possible (if you know what I mean), as quickly as possible.

No one likes to wait for the prize. But in life, sometimes you have to wait. That's just it. I have been in Wal-Mart before, really needing something and there is a huge line in front of me. My desire at that moment is to bulldoze those in front of me and ram the buggy through the register and just throw the money at the clerk and go on about my day. But I can't do that. So I have to wait it out. I guess you can see that I really hate waiting on stuff. But I have learned the art of patience.

Patience can take you a long way. When you are working and your boss blows up on you, for what appears to be no reason at all; if you are patient, you will think "maybe he has had a very bad morning, maybe he got some bad news or maybe he is in pain", and you will let it slide. But if you lack patience, you will erupt like Mt. St. Helens and say a bunch of things you could live to regret. Another example is when it comes to dealing with family or a relationship, if you lack patience you will be mad all the time, because people close to you know how to push your buttons. And they will do it time and time again, if you let them.

So patience is a very important tool in life. Learn this, everyone has flaws. No one is perfect. So whether you are dealing with people or in a line full of traffic; there is a reason for everything. So if there is nothing you can practically do to speed up things, just be patient, because in the end when you look back in hind sight, it may not have taken that long in the first place.

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  1. This is so true pastor! Most of the time things really do not take long at all but because we want it and we want it,and due to the anxiety and anxiousness, everything just seems to be taking longer because we keep checkin the time and it seems as if its not moving anywhere.But the moment we pause and take things calmly, learn to be patient and trust,everything happens so quickly that we are so surprised!!
    Marilyn from London,Brixton