Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Make the Most of It

Life's too short to waste whining about what could or would have been.

Whatever happens. whatever comes your way, you just need to learn to make the most of it.
If something really good happens, great, embrace the moment and see how you got to that point, But don't let your guard down and think that everything is OK. You must make the most of that good moment but brace yourself for the struggles that will eventually come.

If something really bad happens, you should do the same as you did with the good. Try to see if there was something you could have done differently to avoid what happened. If not then endure it with total resolve that it will end. If there is something that you have to change or fix in order to turn that moment around, then put the effort and strength into making the change. But make the most of it.

Learn from the bad, but make the most of it, in the since that, maybe a bad can be turned into a good learning experience to reflect on in the future. So if you learn from it and use it to teach you and possibly others not to do a certain thing, then you have made the most of it.

As well, with the good that happens, you should make the most by sharing the experiences and what God has done for you with others, and teach them how to conquer too.

So whether good or bad comes your way, make the most of it. Like the old saying goes, "you gotta learn to make lemonade out of a lemon."

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  1. True, out of the card you are dealt. Make the most out of it. Instead of sitting back and whining about what you have. Get up and do something.
    Inspiring message, Thank You