Monday, June 13, 2011

What the Dallas Mavericks reminded me about...

If any of you got a chance to see at least one of the last 3 NBA Finals games, you would have to agree with one thing. The Dallas Mavericks sure seemed to have it together a lot more than the Miami Heat.

Now as everyone who reads this blog knows, I am a Heat fan, not Mavericks. But the truth is the truth. These guys were older and supposedly less talented than the Heat. But look how they handled them. They did not cheat, or have every call in their favor, or anything else unfair. They simply WON. They Beat them. Period.

So enough with the obvious. You may ask, what is my point? Well, the point is, though the Heat were young and talented, they could not handle the wisdom and experience or the Mavs. Sure the Heat were faster, could jump higher, and play much more beautiful ball than the Mavericks. But the Mavericks with simplicity and self control, chipped away at the Heat little by little. They didn't do many beautiful dunks or fancy passes, but they shot with accuracy and played as a team.

You still don't get the point?

The point is, in life we need to learn to show respect for and learn as much as possible from those who are wiser or hold more experience than us. It is easy to say," I know what I'm doing, I don't need anyone to tell me what to do". But you sure could save yourself a lot of pain if you are willing to listen to what others who have "been there and done that", have to say.

All of our talent and strength makes no difference, if we don't know how to us it. It will end up misguided and will be of no use. We need to be humble enough to learn. In fact, we should never stop learning! We should be willing to accept advice and constructive criticism. No matter if we want to hear it or not. And we should always learn from others experiences. Dirk Nowinski and and Jason Kidd knew very well what the pain of failure was. And not just that, they knew this could be their last shot. But because they were experienced and wise, this bunch of "old guys" spanked a young talented Miami Heat team (I guess my boys need to respect their elders and go back to school so to speak). In life we will also get spanked if we don't learn from those who God puts in our life to guide us.

Give it some thought, and you may save yourself some disappointment.

P.S. I haven't given up on you Miami Heat. Just eat a slice of humble pie and come back next year.

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