Wednesday, September 14, 2011


If things aren't going well in your life, you have two choices:

1. Keep doing the same thing and expect different results. Which probably never will come. Or
2. Change. Do things differently and you will get different results.

I was talking to some young people over the last few days about what it takes to bring change to our life. It's funny, because people are so quick to say "I want to change my life, but I don't know what to do to bring a change". Well, the answer is in the word itself. If you want to change your life, then you have to change.

No one else is going to care as much about your life as you do. Many others may come along who can help a bit, but ultimately it's up to you. We can't go around blaming everyone else or the world for what is wrong in our lives. The truth is, it all starts inside of us. We choose to lie, steal, cheat, sleep around, gamble, drink away the pain, self medicate, etc. We choose. But when things fall apart, we like to blame someone else or sometimes the world itself. But no one forces you to make your decisions. I can understand a women who is raped or a person who is robbed. Sure they didn't choose that. But in most cases we choose to do good or bad, and we have to live with those consequences.

In the end, life is really about what you and I choose to do. You can say, "I'm not a liar, or I don't sleep around", ok, that may be true. But you still do somethings wrong, and your bad decisions lead to or will lead to problems for you. So we need to change. We need to cut the bad out of our lives and choose good instead. I.E. we need to change if we want our lives to change.

This may not be the most funny or creative blog that I have ever written. But it is a reminder to all of us. Let me repeat this again, if you want your life to change, then change. I think sometimes whilst we are crying out to God saying "you have to change my life", He is looking down at us saying, "sure, after you".


  1. Like my husband normally says, we need to be open minded in order to change. Sometimes there are people who say yeah, I want to change, or even I will change. But, when it come to actually changing, when it comes down to stop sleeping around, stop lying, stop with the bad company etc, they say oh but I can't, yada,yada,yada.... To change you need to be open minded. See what it is that needs to be done and do it, be open minded to see whats wrong and needs change. Then do.

  2. I agree with you Elsie, If a person is open minded then they will be willing and ready to accept the fact that there is an area in their life that they need to change.
    A person who is not open minded is proud and unfortunately doesn't even recognize the obvious. Something that needs to be changed right in front of their eyes screaming loud and clear. If a person is proud they think that they have got things all figured out and don't do anything to change, nor need anything changed because they don't see it.
    Unfortunately some aren't even open minded enough to read this blog and actually act on it. However those who humble and smart will be open minded, read this blog and actually change.